How to Stay on Task: Realtor Daily To-Do Lists and Business Planning

Somer Padilla is a licensed real estate agent in Texas, as well as a published photographer, graphic designer, and marketing specialist. Her specialities alongn with a solid background in sales management make her an amazing asset as a real estate agent today. Somer has a superb  understanding of people and a keen insight into the real estate market both in The Woodlands and North Houston. Somer shares her tips below for staying on task as a busy real estate agent and mother of four. 






In real estate, there are hundreds of tactics, strategies, ideas, and investments that can be tackled daily. It can be overwhelming where to start or where to pick up again.

Have you ever just stared at your monitor and thought, what am I doing?

There are dozens of things you know you should be doing to push your business, but you're stuck! I hate that feeling, and it is a daily goal of mine to never be there again.The ability to know what to do next is a skill that needs planning, nurturing, execution, and lots of practice. 

So here are tasks that have helped me tremendously!

1. Vision Board

Use magazine clippings, drawings, make it fun, and put it where you can see it everyday. Include all goals you want to achieve this year, include family, business, personal, and travel goals. Mine looks like a third grader made it, so don't stress on presentation.


2. Sales Goals

Figure out the commission you want for the year, then figure out the volume and amount of transactions based on your average sale. For example, Sales Goal for $300,000 in commissions with an average sale of $250,000. One may need to do $9M in sales depending on brokers share. Divide that by $250,000 and that's 36 transactions per year, which equals 3 transactions a month. The key is to hold yourself accountable if you fall short, and be willing to increase your goal if you are rockin' it.


3. Business Plan

The best thing you can do for yourself is to spend a couple days developing your plan, ideas, and vision, and put it in writing. Find your niche and areas of focus. This plan is the core of your business and should be revised yearly. To help you stay on track with your goals, check out this list of the best free real estate software and apps  available for Realtors in 2019.


4. Checklist, Checklist, Checklist

I can't stress this enough, especially when it comes to transaction management and marketing. My “listing” checklist is two pages long and includes an 8 week marketing plan. I would be lost without it, and there's no way I can remember everything. I am constantly updating it to make it better. Your checklists and business plan will also make the transition of having a staff or an assistant much smoother. Click here for an editable sample "Listing checklist" I created for you.



5. Buddy System

It can get lonely in this business. It's great to team with another agent or several, in different areas than yours. Schedule to meet bi-weekly or monthly via phone, FaceTime or in person. Things can get stale and communication with other like-minded individuals can keep you motivated and focused. 


6. Copy Cat

There are tons of great ideas out there, and most of the time you will forget them. Anytime I see an awesome real estate post, great descriptions, creative design, or ideas, I immediately share to my Evernote. If you don't use Evernote, download it. You could also pin to a private board on Pinterest, to keep good ideas organized and easily accessible. Set time aside to go through these boards and update your marketing plan checklists consistently.


7. A Life Planner

Establish monthly goals that break down into daily and weekly tasks. I highly recommend The Law of Attraction 12 month planner, because it includes a fold-out vision board, mission statements, life-changing tips, thought provoking questions, and it challenges you daily. Multi-tasking has never been successful for me. The only way I can juggle several businesses and projects simultaneously is by blocking. Blocking allows me to schedule a specific time and day where I devote 100% of my time to one task or project at a time.


Here are things to include in your weekly schedule:

A Morning Ritual: Google “The Miracle Morning”


Email Clients:Transaction or Listing Marketing Updates: (I do this every Monday)


Social Media: This can suck the life out of people. I plan and schedule my posts for the week on Mondays, some people spend an hour a day on social media, and some schedule a month worth of posts in a monthly marketing calendar. Who has time for that? There are companies out there, like, that post your listings, make videos, listing websites, and post a wide variety of topics to your FB, Twitter and LinkedIn pages automatically for you.


Marketing Meetings: My marketing meetings are daily, and it's a meeting of This is when I track FB post boosts, view listing traffic, see what is working and what is not, confirm that all agents have provided showing feedback, cross-reference with my 8 week marketing plan and listing checklists, and make any tweaks necessary.


Daily Touches: Block an hour of your day to connect with your clients, friends, and prospects. This could be emails, phone calls, direct messages on social media, texting, etc. Keep track of your touches. There are many programs for realtors that do this, but I do mine on a simple Excel spreadsheet.


Thank You Cards: If this isn't a habit, make it one and hand write them! There are sites out there that digitally hand write cards in your own handwriting! If you are planning to send to hundreds of people or to your farming neighborhoods, then the investment in these site are well worth it!


Water Intake/Exercise: Yes this is are important!


Home Duties: My schedule includes time blocking for laundry, cleaning and what's for dinner every night. Without this my house goes to crap in minutes.


If your goals don't scare you, they aren't big enough! I was taught that motivation needs to come from something bigger than yourself, like your employees, your children, charity work like Giveback Homes, etc. Working for the benefit of someone other than yourself, will strengthen your drive and determination. Be mentally aware that there is a greater purpose of why we do what we do and know your “why”. We will fall short if our intentions are self-centered. In this business, many agents are perceived that they only build relationships based on personal gain. I have discovered that if your intentions and relationships are genuine, and you truly have a deep concern for people around you, you will succeed. 


To learn more about Somer Padilla, visit her website here.