JJ Mazzo Funds a Home for Bernarda and her family in Nicaragua

JJ Mazzo is the Branch Manager and Senior Loan Officer at Summit Funding, a privately owned residential mortgage company that operates across the country. JJ’s customers enjoy the benefits of working with a mortgage lender that is powerful enough to be a direct endorsed seller/servicer with GNMA & FNMA. Which means they process, underwrite, fund, and service your loans - all in house. This enables Summit to speed up the lending process so their customers close on-time. When JJ first joined Giveback Homes, he helped fund a home for the Saballos Family,  just one month later he funded a second home for the Sanchez family. Now, he has funded the third home for Jarquin family. 



October 30th, 2017 

The home for Bernarda Jarquin and her family is complete. Pictured here are Bernarda's four-year-old daughter and her granddaughter.  Unfortunately, Bernarda has suffered a stroke and is currently very sick. The family is praying for her health and are grateful she has a safe place to recover and call home. 


July 1st, 2017

Bernarda Jarquin is 71 years old and lives with her three granddaughters: Joseline (22), Nolvia (16) and Sara (14). Joseline's husband and their 4-year-old daughter also live in the same home. Joseline and her husband work at a local tobacco factory, while Bernarda sews and sells clothing from home. 

Bernarda's daughter lives and works in Panama, where she moved in hopes of finding a better job. 

Their current home is composed of rotting wood boards, zinc metal sheets and a dirt floor. They look forwar to their new home, so they can provide a better future for their combined family. Thanks to JJ Mazzo and Summit Funding, Bernarda and her family will soon have a safe place to call home.  


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