A home for Ana Patricia in Nicaragua


May 7th 2017

We stopped by to visit Ana Patricia, but unforunately she was working at the cigar factory. Ana's daughter Maria and granddaughter Natzary came home to chat with us. Maria let us know that everything is so much better now that they have a safe home, "it was a disaster before," she said. They plan to build a better kitchen for the family to cook meals out of and continued health for their family. 



A home for Ana Patricia and her family...

Ana Patricia Lanzas lives with her two daughters, Maria (17 years old), Natzary (4 years old), her granddaughter Briana (2 years old), and Ana’s adopted brother, Roger, who suffers from a number of physical disabilities. They have all been living in a wooden structure in very poor condition. When it rains, the roof has severe leaks. Their home was robbed twice within the last year due to lack of locks.

Ana has working in one of the local cigar factories for 7 years. Her daughter Maria has recently started working there too, and they are both single mothers.

Ana explains that she sometimes finds it hard to believe that she will be blessed with a new home, because she never imagined it would happen. 

Thanks to the generous donation of Giveback Homes Members, Ana and her family will soon have a safe place to call home. 



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