A Safe Home For The Lopez Duron Family

Thanks to generous donations from Giveback Homes Members, the Lopez Duron family now have a safe and sturdy structure to call home. Bertha and her son David's new home was completed this summer and they have received the keys. Not only did Bertha receive a new home, but short term employment was created for the local workers that built her home. 

Learn more about the family and see updates from their journey to a new home below. 



Meet The Lopez Duron Family

The Lopez Duron family live in the community called 'Manuel Clouthier' of Juarez, Mexico. They moved there 13 years ago from Mexico City to look for better work. 

Bertha works as a house keeper and David works as a carpenter, together they earn about $64.00 per week. Bertha and David are active in their community, helping with a children's program at a local church. 

David has health problems with his liver as a result of complications from diabetes. They are both very grateful for this program because of what a huge blessing it is and they look forward to their beautiful new home. 


The team working on the home:



The Lopez Duron Family's new home:




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