ICSF Powerhouse Networking Events Fund a Complete Home for Family in Nicaragua

August 2017

Referral Exchange and Concierge Auctions hosted a Powerhouse Networking event during Inman Connect in San Francisco that did more than just connect professionals. Donations from the event went to fund a complete home for a family in need in Nicaragua.



Contributions to this home also came from a #RidetoBuild fitness fundraiser at Wheel House SF, coordinated by Sara Sutachan, VP of Industry Relations and Strategic Initiatives at California Association of REALTORS®. Members of the real estate community and Giveback Homes came together for an early morning pre-conference cycle ride to raise money #forsocialgood.



January 2018 

The home for Osman & Adalit Calderon and their family in Nicaragua is complete! Scroll down for their story.


September 2017 

These events helped raise enough money to fund a life-changing home for Osman & Adalit Calderon in Nicaragua, and construction is already underway...  



About Osman & Adalit Calderon


Osman (28 years old) & Adalit (27 years old) live with their three sons, Alex (10), Bryan (7), and Mauricio (5). Adalit works as a custodian in a government building, while Osman works seasonally as a welder’s assistant. Their monthly family income is about $160. The family is currently renting and sharing a single room. 


Adalit has had a very challenging life. She was severely abused by her first partner, with whom she had her first child with. Her second partner suffered a heart attack at the age of 25 and passed away when Adalit was pregnant with her second child. She was later drugged and abused by someone she knew, and become pregnant with her third child. After much suffering, her childhood friend Osman came back from working in Costa Rica, and they began a new life together. He treats her well and sees her children as his own. They look forward to their new home and leading a new and healthy life together.    


Together, we can turn the act of buying and selling homes into an opportunity #forsocialgood. We hope you’ll join us.


To learn more and join the Giveback Homes movement go to givebackhomes.com. To donate and help support one of our current projects to help build homes and provide clean water, please click here. Thank you for being part of the real estate movement #forsocialgood