Michael Henry of HG Agents Funds Complete Home for Juana Talavera

Michael Henry of HG Agents and Keller Williams Greater Cleveland Southeast is a dedicated REALTOR® in Northeast Ohio and Member of Giveback Homes. As the lead agent of HG Agents, Michael is focused on helping his clients buy low and sell high with advanced marketing techniques. But as a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, he also believes there is no reason he and his team can't make a difference in the world along the way. Michael has recently funded a life-changing home for a family in need in Nicaragua. Learn more about the family he is helping below, and check back for progress updates on the home.







December 14th, 2017

The home for Juana and her family is complete! The 18sqm home with two windows features concrete floor, reinforced masonry, cinder blocks, 26 gauge metal roof, and a door that locks. Thanks to Michael Henry, Juana's family now has a safe place to call home.





November 3, 2017

Construction has begun and walls are going up on the home for Juana and her family. We can’t wait until they can move in!




About Juana Talavera


71 year-old Juana lives with her daughter Luz Marina (36) and her two grandchildren, Daniela and Cristian who are both five years old. Juana separated from her husband 15 years ago, with whom she had 15 children. Four of her children have passed away, one in a war and three died when they were young due to a lack of access to medical care. Juana has lived on her property for 22 years, and suffers from high blood pressure and back pain.


Their current home is made of zinc metal sheets and rotting wooden boards, with a dirt floor. Juana feels very blessed to be part of this project, as she has been praying for a new home. Thanks to Michael Henry, Juana’s dream is soon to be a reality.



To join the Giveback Homes movement go to givebackhomes.com. To donate and help build a home for a family in need, please click here. 100% of your contribution will go directly towards building homes #forsocialgood.


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