Help Houston: Meet the Families

When Hurricane Harvey left Houston devastated, people all over the country were looking for ways to help. Together with Intero Real Estate Houston we organized a fund and have been identifying families with immediate needs that we can help. 

Meet the families being helped thanks to donations from Giveback Homes Members across the country and to Placester for matching every dollar.


Jesus, Diana, Brittany and Zaiden Cardenas

Brittany Cardenas lives with her parents Jesus and Diana, and her two-year-old son, Zaiden. Their home has been in their family’s lives for over 60 years. Brittany had lived in the home since she was in the fourth grade. On August 25th, 2017, they lost power during Hurricane Harvey. The house began leaking and the sheetrock began to fall off the walls. The flood waters were high enough to enter the home and damage their belongings, but it was an unexpected fire that happened on August 30th, 2017, right after they got their power back on that added even more stress to the damaged home. Volunteers later helped the family gut their home, and they have been trying their best to find stability and rebuild their lives.



Thanks to donations to Houston Relief, the Cardenas family received several items from their Christmas wish list, adding some joy to their holiday season.



Thank you so much! I don’t know how our Christmas would be with out your help! – Brittany Cardenas




Valerie Artiga, Omega Estrada, and Elizabeth Artiga (Age 6)


Omega Estrada’s family lost everything in Hurricane Harvey. Afterward, the apartment they lived in gave them only 5 days to collect what was left before they had to find somewhere else to live. Without any help from FEMA or Red Cross, they were forced to move into a shelter or risk loosing their jobs. They eventually received help from a friend who is giving them a place to stay until they get back on their feet. Their daughter was begging to go back home because she missed her bed and toys, so we sent them furniture and mattresses to help make them a little more comfortable. At the time, they each only had a few pair of shoes and clothes that were donated to them. Thanks to your donations, Omega’s family can start building a life for themselves.



Once I told my daughter her bunk bed was finally there she couldn't stop jumping from all the excitement. This is my daughter and how much she enjoys her new bed. She can't stop telling me how much she loves it. Thank you so much! - Omega Estrada





Minnie Gutierrez

Minnie Gutierrez and her husband Keith had not heard back from FEMA and could not find a hotel room so they were living in a home that is gutted, without walls, doors, or cabinets and only a microwave to cook. They were sleeping on flooded mattresses with their dog, Spirit.

Thanks your donations, Minnie and Keith received a new dining table and sofa for their home.



I am crying with joy. Thank you. - Minnie Gutierrez




The Jarmon Family

Chandra Jarmon is a single mother of four, Tarayez Haynes – 17 (Daughter), Ty’Darius Haynes – 16 (Son), Tariyah Lewis – 13 (Daughter), Tamarius Jarmon - 12 (Son). Chandra is currently employed for African-American News & Issues in Houston, TX. Chandra and her children were living in a rental property when the hurricane hit. They lost their home, two vehicles, clothes, food, everything. And this wasn’t their first total lost.

The family was just getting back on their feet after a fire that took place in their previous home. Chandra’s rental insurance was denied, her lease has been canceled permanently, her SBA loan was denied and FEMA has not come to access damages yet. The family was living out of a TSA hotel until Sept 25th and are now living in an 816 square foot home. Chandra is still working a full-time job, shuttling her kids to and from school, and trying to remain in good spirits and be the backbone of her family.


Thanks to donations to Houston Relief, we were able to send the Jarmon family a new bed, couch and table. 


Thank you all so much! My family and I are so grateful for the blessings that you provided. I will be sure to send you a photo of the bed. Again we really appreciate you! - Chandra Jarmon




Lourdes was already facing financial hardship after battling thyroid cancer for the past year. She works as a janitor at an elementary school and shares a one-bedroom apartment with a roommate. When the hurricane hit, she left her flooded apartment with only one bag of clothing. She was without any furniture, a mattress, or a refrigerator. The two lived in a hotel together until they were able to return to their apartment. They lost everything. 


We're pleased to share, a brand new mattress, towels, blankets, toaster, blender, dishware, cookware and a welcome mat were sent to Lourdes. Their smiles say it all. 




The Cruz Family

The Cruz family didn't have much before Hurricane Harvey struck Houston. Newlyweds, Junior and Jeannette were working hard to make a life for themselves and their son Adriel. They lost everything from the baby's crib to the new car it took them over a year to afford. They are still living in the home despite the mold, lack of flooring, and have been using coolers to store their food. 

Junior and Jeannette woke up during the storm in the middle of the night, put their feet on the ground and the water was already up to their shins. The newlyweds quickly ran to the baby's room worried about the crib and rising water. 


Junior and Jeannette were not prepared. No one ever expected the water to rise so fast or even flood the area they lived in. When they went outside to get in the car they saw they had lost that as well. Junior had saved for over a year for the car and the storm had destroyed it in minutes. 

Thanks to donations made to Help Houston, the Cruz family will be receiving a new refrigerator, stove, baby crib and several other essentials from their humble list of needs.


The Cruz Family receives a delivery of appliances to help them get back on their feet after Hurricane Harvey. All thanks to donations from Giveback Homes Members and the real estate community for coming together to help Houston


Together, with our local Houston Members, we will continue to help victims of Hurricane Harvey and update donors with the results. 100% of your donation will go to help families in need and is 100% tax-deductible. 

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