Billion Dollar Brokerage: An Interview with Mauricio Umansky, CEO/Founder of The Agency

The Giveback Homes team was at the Calfornia Association of Realtors Brokers Expo this week. We had the honor of sharing the stage with one of our favorite CEO's, Mauricio Umansky, who throughout his career has always believed that giving is not a choice, it’s our moral duty. We love him for that and so much more. Here’s what you missed:


Caroline: A lot of times people focus so much on trying to define what they are, that sometimes it’s just easier to define what you’re not. Case in point, The Agency's "No Assholes” rule, how did this come to be? 




Mauricio: Life is too short to work and to be around people that are negative energy. Sometimes you just have to define that. Every employee and independent contractor at The Agency signs an agreement and the "No Assholes" rule is right on the top, followed by, “And by the way, we like to have fun.” 



Rules are rules, and Mauricio went on to share that he has had to let go of some of his top agents because they violated the rule and that kind of toxicity isn’t worth keeping them on, no matter what. 


Mauricio: It’s a very simple definition of what culture is. Having fun is what life is all about. The more fun that you can have, the more good that you can do and it always pays back times ten, and I’m not speaking in a monetary way, I mean in a spiritual and life experience way.


More fun = more good. The Agency has helped build homes for people in need, in areas like Compton and Watts. They have volunteered to help prepare and serve meals to the homeless living on skid row and helped clean and beautify a title 1 elementary school in Inglewood, CA.


Caroline: Your agents wear The Agency hats on vacation, they post from your sales meeting and tequila shots on Friday, they genuinely love being part of it all. What do you credit that to most?


Mauricio: It’s an environment issue, I think you have to create the right environment and it's treating people the way they want to be treated. Always put people first, it’s about putting everybody else first besides you, it’s not having an ego, not having a predetermined idea of how something should play out. It's about allowing people to think outside the box and express their opinions. 


Caroline: The Agency has been growing, you now have 14 offices worldwide, with 3 new offices just this year, how do you maintain that culture as you grow? 


Mauricio: You have to live the culture, everybody in the system has to live it. We always say we’re only as good as our weakest link. And it’s all about open communication, our communication system connects us all, always. And even our sales meetings, our agents can sign in and watch our sales meetings from anywhere in the world, and sometimes I see they’re signing in while they’re on vacation in Hawaii and I’m like, go on vacation! But it’s all about communication. That is what maintains the culture.


To say Mauricio is a people person is an understatement. He genuinely loves watching the success of people and has a superhuman ability to give every one of his agents the guidance and attention they need to be successful. He remembers what his agents are doing, he knows how they’re working, he knows how many years they’ve been doing it, and exactly how many sales they’ve done. In addition to remembering the name and something personal about every person that walks through his open house. That kind of leadership is hard to find.