The Mazzo Group Funds 4th Home for Family in Nicaragua

JJ Mazzo is the Producing Senior Vice President of People's Home Equity. JJ’s customers enjoy the benefits of working with a mortgage lender that is powerful enough to be a direct endorsed seller/servicer with GNMA & FNMA. Which means they process, underwrite, fund, and service your loans - all in house. When JJ first joined Giveback Homes, he helped fund a home for the Saballos Family,  just one month later he funded a second home for the Sanchez family. Followed by a third home for the Jarquin family and now, a fourth home for Santos, a mother in Nicaragua.




April 11th, 2018 

Santos and her family now have a safe place to call home. 


Meet Santos del Socorro Alfaro Sanchez

Santos (49) is a stay at home mother. She has been a single mother for the majority of her children’s lives, however has now been with her partner Alfonso Augustin (33) for two years.  Together, they live with her three sons: Gerald (23), Luis (18), and Yalis (13). The older two work in construction as masons along with Alfonso. They each earn between $100 - $160/month. Gerald and Luis also work in Costa Rica for 6 months out of the year. Yalis will be starting high school this year at the local secondary school in the community, which has only been open for about 2-3 years; previously students in the community had to travel on dangerous roads to another nearby town for school.   

Santos has been living in her current home, which she inherited from her mother about ten years ago. Their house is in poor conditions, and has termites. Santos expresses her happiness and is already imagining how she will decorate their new home. 


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