Denver Build Day with The Northrop Group

Jessica Northrop is a LIV Sotheby’s International Realty Broker and Giveback Homes Member in Greenwood Village, Colorado. She first traveled with the Giveback Homes team to Nicaragua last year to build a home for Carla and her family. Shortly after returning to the states, Jessica was inspired to help build a home for a family in Colorado. In April of 2017, she brought her team out to help build a home for a local family in need in partnership with Denver Habitat for Humanity. Read her recap on the day below.




Update: May 3rd, 2018

John, Martha and their two kids get the keys to their new home! Made possible by generous donations and dedicated volunteers like The Northrop Group. 





Saturday, June 17th, 2017 – A new Home for John, Martha and their two children


On June 17th, our team, in partnership with Giveback Homes had the opportunity to spend the day in Sheridan, Colorado, to help with the largest Habitat for Humanity project ever constructed in the Metro Denver area.  Habitat had taken over a full residential block of land and was in the middle of building many homes for deserving families in need.  On this day, we were blessed with sunny skies in the high 80’s and an enthusiastic group of trusted business partners and clients who were there to volunteer their time as well.  It is always very satisfying when we donate our own time and energy, but to see others get involved and see the impact they can have—that is really magical.


Upon our arrival on the morning of the 17th, we met with several project leads and were assigned our safety gear and projects for the day, as well as going through a safety precautionary presentation.  The local team had our group assigned to various exterior-based projects for John and Martha’s home, primarily relating to painting or landscaping, such as planting large trees, moving rocks/dirt and laying sod. 


Prior to starting our work, we had the opportunity to chat with John and Martha, who were there to help and share their thanks for the help we were providing.  John reminded us that they are the proud parents of two daughters, both under the age of three.   We all appreciated having the opportunity to meet John in person on this Saturday, as we know he stays very busy working long hours at multiple jobs.  John smiled as we spoke to him and we never saw that smile leave his face throughout the day, as he knew he was getting closer to fulfilling a dream for his family, in leaving an overcrowded, small apartment. 


We began work on the project with our various tasks and had small groups allocated to specific functions.  Luckily, one of the local project leads had brought a worksite “boom box” and we had the opportunity to listen to tunes throughout the day, while making new friends and accomplishing a lot to help make the exterior of John and Martha’s new house become a home.  Although various members of the team took short breaks as necessary to hydrate, our goal was to finish the project ahead of schedule.  In accomplishing this, we knew this would provide John and Martha with the opportunity to spend a bit more time with their young daughters and continue to prepare for their upcoming move.  


After the day’s work assignments were fulfilled, the team took time to relax and reflect on what had been accomplished. We were thankful for our own specific situations and what we are blessed with and congratulate John and Martha on the new look of the exterior of their home.  


Sometimes it is hard to make the time to volunteer, but we all agreed that at the end of the day, the feeling we had knowing we were helping someone else progress towards their dream made the time invaluable.  


Participating in this build date in partnership with Giveback Homes was a great experience for The Northrop Group at LIV Sotheby’s International Realty.  Our goal is to provide superior service to our clients, represent their best interests and help them make their home buying/selling process be as seamless and easy as possible.  Our clients can be confident in knowing that buying or selling a home with The Northrop Group will ultimately help families in need from the Metro Denver area, all the way to Central America.



 John and Martha's Story

John and Martha are the proud parents of two young daughters, ages 2 and 6 months. They’re so excited to be partnering with Habitat this year to build their new home where they can provide a safe and stable future for their daughters. John regularly works over 50 hours a week at two different jobs to provide for their family, while Martha works hard taking care of their young children. Even with John’s long hours at multiple jobs, they still struggle to find affordable housing and worry about the high cost of rent in Denver. In order to keep rent costs affordable, they currently live in an overcrowded apartment that is already too small - and feels smaller every day as their daughters grow. By partnering with Habitat to purchase a home with an affordable mortgage, John and Martha will have financial stability and enough space for their family. Martha anticipates their future in a Habitat home as one “where our kids can play in their own space.” As John and Martha put in ‘sweat-equity’ to build their home, they are already anticipating the work – as well as the benefits - that go into homeownership. “We will be proud to have a home where we will be responsible for our future.”



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