6 Ways Entrepreneurs Are Succeeding through Ownership

Earlier this year, Giveback Homes Co-Founder Caroline Pinal joined the Yellow Conference at their OC tour stop to talk story and how to take ownership of it! Now we're back for the L.A. gathering to soak in all the goodness it has to offer, and it did not disappoint! See below for our key takeaways from our time there. 


What if you were known as someone who knows how to own who they are? 

Own the stories, dreams, visions, passions and abilities you have.

The Yellow Conference pushed us to ask ourselves this year, what if we own ourselves? And beyond just ourselves, but what if we own the problems of the world instead of turning a blind eye? Own the fact that we’re in this together as global citizens? We explored these questions through the lenses of some brilliant, creative, driven and resilient women, who through their work, are creating actual change for social good in our world.


The Yellow Co. managed to transport you into their world the second you walked through the doors of the iconic Hudson Loft. From feel good decals to inspirational brands and speakers, Yellow Co.’s fingerprints were all over this timeless brick building in downtown LA.




The energy, the crowd and the undeniable welcome you felt walking through the conference hall made the Yellow Conference feel more like a home away from home. With a central theme of ownership throughout the two-day gathering, I thought I’d share some of the nuggets of wisdom I got from creative entrepreneurs on how they found success through owning their life.


“Show up for yourself first, so you can show up for the greater collective.” - Nikia Phoenix




 1.  If you fully bring what you have to the table, people will meet you there.

This was an important lesson on investment. Are you investing in people who invest in you? In life, you will meet people who drain you of your energies and of your spirit. Cut these toxicities out of your life. Give yourself permission to step out of the box and purse your passions. “When you let love lead you, people will take notice.” – Cassandra Lee, Co-Founder of Justice Rising


 2.  Put it on the page.

If there is one thing you can do to change your life RIGHT NOW, Allison Fallon convinced us it’s writing. Spending just 20 minutes a day writing has proven to increase your mood and decrease stress levels, leading to an overall healthier and clearer mind state. Write about your day, your frustrations, your triumphs, your unanswered questions. It doesn’t have to be fancy, and you don’t have to be trained. Just show up to the page, and tell your truth.


“The story that is stirring inside you is powerful and has the power to change you, your relationships, and your community. Everyone has a story, so everyone can be a writer. Including you.” – Yellow Co


3. Wabi Sabi – “Everything is perfectly imperfect.”


Candace Kumai taught us about the Japanese art of Golden Repair or Kintsugi, and why being broken open isn’t the end of your story. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. Thus creating a more beautiful piece from broken pottery.


Oftentimes, we let our fear, and our cracks, hold us back from sharing our gifts with the world. But Candace was here to remind us we are all more beautiful with our golden cracks. “If you can do something great, you need to go out there and do it.” The world needs more people who understand that life is wabi sabi – so go with it!


 4.  Build Community.


Justice Rising’s co-founder Cassandra Lee has spent the majority of her adult life in war zones, helping build peace in war-affected communities by providing quality education to children at risk. If there is one thing she has found through her work, it’s that if you want to see change, it can’t be an “us” or “them” issue.


“If you want to build amazing community, you have to be an amazing community.” – Cassandra Lee, Justice Rising


While your work might not be as life or death as serving in war zones, it’s important to remember that global movements started with just one. The world needs you to be exactly who you are, and to show up. By simply showing up, leading by example and building on the communities already in place, we are able to create acceptance, creativity, and the opportunity to do better.


 5.  Stretch, Breathe, Move.


Feeling blocked? A reoccurring theme with several of the speakers was the importance to take the time out of each day to reset your head space. Dedicate 10-15 minutes to consciously breathe, meditate and stretch. Keep your palms facing open while you breathe, as recommended by Alison Faulker, when feeling blocked to invite openness and new ideas.


6.  Do weird, cool sh*t.


Founder of THINX, Tushy, Icon and Wild, Miki Agrawal is no stranger when it comes to doing cool, weird sh*t when going to market with her products. Her advice? Don’t write another press release. Do something different, unique, and "fridge-worthy", as Miki coined it, to get noticed.


Success lies in participation, so make your audience feel like they are part of something. At the end of the day, your identity is not in your successes or failures, so go out there and “bring your joyful, additive and creative sh*t to the world.” – Miki Agrawal


And lastly, I leave you with this, a reminder of your awesomeness from Alison Faulkner of The Alison Show.


“There is no lack of resources, just a lack of resourcefulness. It doesn’t serve anyone when you sit around thinking you’re a big piece of crap. No strength is too small or too insignificant to make a difference.”




“Confidence is not the belief that you are better than others or more than enough. Confidence is the belief in your inherent wholeness. That you are exactly enough.”



To learn more about The Yellow Co., visit their website at: yellowco.co


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Written by: Cori Bracey