Giveback Homes Donates New Socks to San Pedro Packages for Patriots

November 11th, 2018

Giveback Homes Donates New Socks to San Pedro Packages for Patriots

Mike Walker spends his days in his auto repair shop, fixing cars and answering phones. In his free time, he’s finding addresses for soldiers overseas to send them care packages during their deployment.


Tucked away in the the industrial area of San Pedro, California, Mike's shop has a wall filled with photographs of men and women in U.S. military uniforms, fighting for our country. The amount of photos is overwhelming and fascinating, with each tiny image telling a different story from the next. 


In the beginning my wife and I wanted to do something to help the people fighting for our freedom,” said Walker. “We received names and address from various websites and began to send boxes to our brave soldiers. 


Mike’s movement began to catch on locally, and with the help of people in his community and the families of those in the military, he began ramping up his list of soldiers to send care packages to abroad. 



These men and women that are serving our country so bravely, just need to know that we have their backs, “ said Walker. “Something as simple as a small package, a note, an email, can make the difference to these men and women and keep them going until they can come home and see their loved ones.” 


Giveback Homes was thrilled to be able to help Mike with his Packages for Patriots initiative by donating 500 pairs of Bombas socks. These socks will go into each care package for a solider overseas along with several other donated items to brighten their day. 


Mike and his wife rely on volunteers and friends in their community to help them package up the boxes and prepare them for shipment. He does all of the work in his spare time, from his garage. Sine June 2008, San Pedro’s Packages for Patriots has shipped 15,321 boxes to U.S. Military men and women. 


I challenge other businesses and other plain ol' citizens like me, to do something to let these men and women know that we're thinking about them. I know life is busy, paying the mortgage, car payments, the daily grind of traffic going to work, getting the kids ready for school, getting homework done, it can be challenging. Take a minute, please, just a minute to think about these men and women and what they are doing for us. It really doesn't take much time to let them know we care and to make a difference in their lives. After all, compared to what they're going through, our daily grind is literally a "walk in the park." – Mike Walker 


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