Jessica Northrop Funds a Home in Nicaragua for a Family of Four

Jessica Northrop is a Compass Real Estate Broker and Giveback Homes Member in Greenwood Village, Colorado. She first traveled with the Giveback Homes team to Nicaragua in 2016 to build a home for Carla and her family. Shortly after returning to the states, Jessica was inspired to help build a home for a family in Colorado. In April of 2017, she brought her team out to help build a home for a John and Martha in partnership with Denver Habitat for Humanity. In June 2018, she brought her team out again to help build a home for Tesfaye & Kasech in Denver, and in the same year, funded a new home for Martha, a single mother of four in Nicaragua. Today, she continues giving back to families in need and is looking forward to providing Maria and her family a safe home in Nicaragua. 




Meet Maria Yamileth Gonzalez  


Location: San Rafael del Norte, Nicaragua

Together, Maria Yamilth and her husband are raising two girls, a five-year-old and a three-month-old. Her husband works as a farmer, earning no more than $300/month. They have not been able to afford their own home and have been living in a shared room with other families.

Maria looks forward to having a safe place to call home and the support they need to raise their young family.


To get in touch with Jessica Northrop, visit her website at or call 303-525-0200.

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