Jessica Northrop Funds a Home in Nicaragua for a Single Mother of 9 Children

Jessica Northrop is a Compass Real Estate Broker and Giveback Homes Member in Greenwood Village, Colorado. She first traveled with the Giveback Homes team to Nicaragua in 2016 to build a home for Carla and her family. Shortly after returning to the states, Jessica was inspired to help build a home for a family in Colorado. In April of 2017, she brought her team out to help build a home for a John and Martha in partnership with Denver Habitat for Humanity. In June 2018, she brought her team out again to help build a home for Tesfaye & Kasech in Denver, and in the same year, funded a new home for Martha, a single mother of four in Nicaragua. Today, she continues giving back to families in need and is looking forward to providing Petronila and her family a safe home in Nicaragua. 



 November 25th, 2019

Petronila's home is now complete! We are grateful to Jessica Northrop and her clients for making this story possible. Check out photos below of Petronila in her new home. 





February 26th, 2019

Meet Petronila Jarquin  


Location: Esteli, Nicaragua

Petronila is 63 years old and a single mother to six daughters and three sons. They are all grown now. Three of her children live with her, Johanna, Dennis and Abel, who works as a painter earning approximately $7/day. Three of Petronila’s grandchildren also live with them and they are 11, 14 and 17 years old. Petronila spent her life earning money by washing and ironing clothes for other families, she also sells food on the street and hand-made tortillas. She has always been afraid their home will collapse on them due to the rotted wood, metal, dirt floors and poor construction of their current home. Now, she feels immensely happy to receive a new, safe, home for her family.


To get in touch with Jessica Northrop, visit her website at or call 303-525-0200.

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