Alex Abad Provides Home For Nicaragua Family

A very big thank you to Giveback Homes member Alex Abad of El Segundo, CA for his generous donation through Giveback Homes to Habitat for Humanity Nicaragua. Alex’s contribution made it possible to build a brand new home for Norma Medrano Sanchez.  Here is her story…

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Norma, who is 54 years old and illiterate, shares her home with her brother Juan Sanchez, daughter Jenny Vallecillo and her adopted daughter Candida Corea.  Jenny is the only member of the family who has a job and spends her days working as a school teacher for a monthly wage of $198. Under that income, the family lives daily on $1.20 per person.

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Before Giveback Homes, Norma and her family lived in a little old wood house that had many leaks when it rained and a dirt floor. Juan slept in the living room while Norma, Candida and Jenny all slept together. While the house possessed electricity, a latrine and potable water, it was only for 2 days a week. Now Norma’s new home is ready to provide her and her family a safe place to live.

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Giveback Homes member Alex has allowed Norma to achieve her dream of having a safe home to live in for herself and her family. Join us in making a difference and help change lives through homes! Become a member and start giving today.


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