Giveback Homes Members Help Communities in Colombia Gain Access to Clean Water

April 16th, 2019

With support from Giveback Homes, Waves For Water distributed a total of 100 water filtration systems in three different communities, impacting and empowering families of two distinct indigenous tribes that occupy the nation’s Amazonian region of El Guaviare.


In this region of the Amazon, there is a water crisis, and children are seen with distended abdomens due to waterborne illnesses. The solution? Access to clean water.


The Waves For Water Team spent time in these communities, teaching them how to use the water filter, which provides access to clean water for 100 people. This water filtration system’s life expectancy is 5+ years, and can clean 1,000,000 gallons (250 gallons daily).




The Waves For Water team distributed one water filtration system per family, resulting in clean water for all ages in El Guaviare.



Thank you to the generous and caring Giveback Homes Members who helped make this water filter donation possible by donating on behalf of your clients’ successful transactions. We are grateful to you and your clients for helping to improve the lives of families, both here at home and around the globe.



To learn more and join the real estate movement #forsocialgood, go to To donate a water filter, please click here. Thank you for helping us change lives!