Giveback Homes Members help put finishing touches on Wildfire Cottages in Sonoma County

September 4th, 2019


In October 2017, wildfires destroyed more than 5,000 homes in Sonoma County. In an effort to help families impacted by this, Habitat for Humanity of Sonoma County teamed up with renowned Hurricane Katrina Cottage developer and designer Marianne Cusato to design and install wildfire relief cottages. On September 4th, 2019, Giveback Homes Members volunteered their time putting the finishing touches on the Wildfire Cottages. These nine Wildfire Cottages will provide temporary rental housing for two to five years for families directly impacted by the fires. The cottages are 1- or 2-bedroom homes that range from 380 to 744 square feet and will provide relief for families displaced by the wildfires.

Giveback Homes Members Junik Staten and David Palma attended, bringing with them co-workers, clients and friends to build alongside them. The group helped make railings for the deck on the entrance of the homes, and assisted in landscaping.

Soon, nine families will call this place home, families like Estefani and her daughter Mia. “Estefani Cardenas and her daughter Mia were living in a friend's bedroom after the Tubbs fire burned down their rental home.


"It's really beautiful!" exclaimed Estefani Cardenas as she walked through the door of a small home that ended her personal nightmare. It was one of hundreds, if not thousands, that began almost two years ago when the Tubbs Fire burned through Coffey Park where the home she rented burned along with so many others. "How much time did you have to get out?" we asked. "Ten minutes or less" Cardenas said. That nightmare continued as Estefani and her daughter, Mia, moved through three different places. "Mia never had had a home. Always just a room." But not anymore. "I actually prayed to have my space again," said Cardenas. "I get to have a home, again. Not just a room. It means everything to me."


Now multiply her story by nine, the number of small homes that Sonoma County's Habitat For Humanity put up in Santa Rosa. Those moving in will begin as renters, but may have an opportunity to buy.” Excerpt from ABC 7 News


We are grateful to our Giveback Homes Members for stepping up and giving back their time to help complete these cottages. Want to get involved? Email to learn more.




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