Member Spotlight: Kendall Comey Climbs To Success


I love to climb. Not just the actual climbing but the whole enchilada. My perfect day is a dark-thirty start and a headlamp finish with 20 miles and 5,000 vertical in between. It's hard to describe the feeling that comes over me when I am in the wild – the combination of strength, humbleness, awe, inspiration and sometimes fear.

Actually, it was the fear I experienced while climbing that allowed me to take a leap of faith and leave my steady job to venture into the world of real estate. It's wise to have a healthy fear of climbing as the consequences can be fatal. The fear of changing careers seemed to pale in comparison. So I jumped and never looked back! My husband (and climbing partner) and I are now in our fifties and yep we're still climbing. We take the trail less traveled every chance we get. Because at the end of day nothing beats a tired body and a full heart.

- Kendall Comey, Bend, Oregon

Kendall joined Giveback Homes in 2014, as the first member for the state of Oregon.