Here's How Giveback Homes is Helping ❤

Right now while so much of our lives may feel like they are on pause, there are thousands of people working tirelessly to find solutions that will heal the global crisis we’re all experiencing. In the words of Tom Hanks, "Let's take care of ourselves and each other." (we love you, Tom!) And here's how we're helping: 

First, we have sent donations to organizations that are making an immediate impact by providing fresh meals and medical supplies. It’s only because of your continued support for Giveback Homes, that these donations are possible. Thank you.

Fresh Meals – World Central Kitchen is safely distributing fresh meals in communities that need the most support and organizing community kitchens across the country that will offer meals to families in need of support. Many of these locations are restaurants that have transformed to serve their local communities. Learn more here

Medical Supplies – Direct Relief is coordinating with public health authorities and businesses in the U.S. and globally to provide personal protective equipment and essential medical items to health workers. Learn more here

If you’d like to donate or share with others, click below and donations will be allocated between the two organizations listed above.





Keep Inspiring
We see you in your communities, doing as much as you can (from a safe distance) to help your neighbors, clients, friends and family. We see you supporting your local restaurants, waiters, hairstylists, delivery services, trash service, grocery store staff, etc. We love you for that.

Thank you for also supporting your local homeless shelters, schools, and food banks. And if you yourself need some help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
Our health care workers are true heroes. Let’s get louder with our gratitude for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, first-responders and cleaning crews on the front lines. Cheer them on and let's keep doing our part by staying home and social distancing. 
Send us your stories, we’d love to share them! You can either tag us on social media @givebackhomes, text, or email.



Take care of yourself
Most importantly, remember to keep your mind and body healthy so that you can continue helping others. Here are some tips we found helpful:

Pause, Breathe and listen to music that helps with anxiety, like this. 

Follow Guided Meditations there are lots of variations on youtube and more resources here: Ten percent happierCeremony MeditationHeart + Breath Meditation 

Move your body check your local yoga studios and gyms for free, online classes.  Barry's Bootcamp free 20-minute total body workouts and the Nike Training App, offering a variety of free workouts designed by trainers.
Learn something new use this time to deepen your education in an area that interests you. Check out the list of free classes from Harvard University here and Skillshare 


We’re here if you’d like to chat, swap memes, share inspiring stories, whatever you need.
We love you. We appreciate you.

- Your friends at Giveback Homes



About Giveback Homes

Giveback Homes is dedicated to creating a sustainable relationship between real estate professionals, their clients, and communities in need throughout the world. Their goal is to create social change through the act of buying or selling a home. Through fundraising events, build days, and international trips they are dedicated to inspiring the real estate industry to take action for social good. To learn more about Giveback Homes and join the movement for social good, please visit