Member Spotlight: Williamson & Pagan


Advice to home buyers, the importance of social media for realtors and why they give back, the Williamson & Pagan team share it all in our member spotlight:

1. Why did you join Giveback Homes?
Giveback Homes allows us to give back in a way that directly relates to our work, infusing a new passion and greater feeling of reward with each successful transaction.  The idea of having a home can often be taken for granted. Living and working in the Westside and Southbay areas of L.A.,  Giveback Homes reminds us that there are those who live everyday without shelter, how blessed we are to have it so abundantly here, and of the true joy we experience when we “giveback” to those in need. In addition, their platform is straightforward, their process is transparent, and their website and logo are compelling.  They offer marketing and promotional tools, support of their design team, and they commit 100% of our donations to the field!  We had to join.

2. What’s the proudest moment in your career so far?
Last year we sold a home to an amazing couple.  He was from Eastern Europe and she was from Argentina.  They met in the U.S., fell in love and got married.  Their dream was to own their own property.  They had been renting and trying hard to save money. The inventory was historically low, especially at their budget.  Rates and prices were inching up and they were afraid of being priced out of the market.  We jumped on every potential lead and tapped every resource we had.  There was one home, only one possible match.  We fought hard for their offer, harder through negotiations and escrow, and finally closed.  The home, while modest, meant so much to them – ownership and a stake in this country, the realization of their American Dream.  That was one of the greatest final walkthroughs of our career!  There was an excitement and emotion that made us all smile and tear up.  In that moment, we remembered the powerful role that we as agents have in helping our clients realize their dream of home ownership.

3. What’s your favorite memory from moving in to your first home?
The day Chris and I moved into our first home,  we were busy unpacking boxes, nervous with excitement and trepidation given all the work that our new “fixer” needed, when our doorbell rang.  It was the neighborhood block captain!  He had baked us cookies and gave us a copy of the neighborhood manual, complete with contact information for the whole street, safety procedures, neighborhood watch meeting schedules, block party dates, etc. We couldn’t believe it!  We both grew up in Los Angeles and had never experienced this type of neighborhood welcome.  We quickly realized that we were not only moving into a home that we could make our own, but also into a supportive, familial community that would be an extension of that home.  That combination is the reason we still live in our home 8 years later!

4. How has the real estate profession evolved in the last 5 years?
Aside from the rebound of the market overall (knock on wood), social media is probably the biggest way in which the profession has changed for us.  You are the “odd agent out” if you don’t have a constant presence through multiple streams of social media on the web (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)  The bus bench is classic, but loses effectiveness without a way for prospective buyers/sellers to immediately engage you online.  Part of this presence and engagement is embracing consumer search and review sites.  Many buyers/sellers place just as much trust in sites like Zillow, Trulia and Yelp to find a recommended service as they do in their friends/family.  We’re excited to see Giveback Homes join the ranks of influential social media sites in the real estate market!

5. How has your involvement with Giveback Homes changed the way you personally do business?
Giveback Homes has added a dimension to our passion and drive to sell homes.  Before, we worked for our clients goals and to make our own living.  Now, that same effort also contributes to building homes for families in need both locally and globally. When we hear how our donations have helped create safe shelter for a family, we get a deeper feeling of satisfaction, which fuels more effort, which results in more sales, which allows for more donations!  It is a wonderful cycle where everyone benefits and is motivated to keep it moving and make it better.

6.  If you could give one piece of advice to people looking to move into their own home, what would it be?
Purchasing a home is a significant commitment.  It is probably one of the largest, if not THE largest, investment one will make in their lifetime.  We would advise buyers to do their homework and discuss their needs and qualifications with trusted professionals who really have their best interests at heart. It’s so important that they are educated and supported in the process by the right team of professionals – agents, lenders, inspectors, escrow officers, financial/legal advisers, etc.  Having the right team behind them can really make the difference between having a nightmare escrow vs. having a smooth transaction that ends in a sound investment for them and their family.  And of course, we would recommend that they choose a Giveback Homes agent!

Nicole, Kim & Chris

Nicole, Kim and Chris of Williamson & Pagan are based in Marina Del Rey, CA. Find out more about Williamson & Pagan, including how to contact them,here.