Rebuild our Hearts and our Communities

June 10th, 2020

As a member of Giveback Homes, you’ve been helping families overcome poverty and achieve the life-changing milestone of home ownership that will help change lives for generations and generations. For years, we have been building for those that don't have, and rebuilding for those that have lost.

As we face the reality of centuries of racial inequality in our communities and institutions, it's obvious there is lots of work to do. We will continue to build and rebuild, including our own thoughts, ideas, and actions. We trust you will do the same for yourself, for your community, and for the sake of humanity because every act of love elevates the whole.

Activism comes in many forms, including kindness, curiosity, uncomfortable conversations, and the willingness to take a walk in someone else’s shoes. Find one (or many) that will help heal your heart and then others too.

Last week, thousands of small businesses were damaged or destroyed – many of them were just getting ready to open their doors in response to COVID. So we'll be making donations to help them rebuild. This is a small but very necessary piece towards a better future and we thank you for helping make it happen.

Meet the businesses we're helping:


Trio Plant-Based - Minneapolis, MN

100% Plant-based comfort food kitchen started by Louis Hunter and the first black-owned vegan restaurant in Minneapolis. 

Three years ago, Louis Hunter was facing twenty years in prison for unjust charges. In the aftermath of his charges being dropped, Louis created Trio plant-based, a restaurant that serves healthy, delicious vegan food. 



Michael's Soul Kitchen - Indianapolis, IN

A jazz club and soul food restaurant in the heart of downtown Indianapolis.

They've been partnering with local churches and organizations to provide free meals to low-income and COVID-19 affected seniors in the inner city and in assisted living facilities.  A couple of our favorite jazz videos they posted can be found here and here. 



Old Fashioned Donuts - Chicago, IL

Mr. B, known as the Doughnut King, has been making donuts on the South Side of Chicago for 47 years.

Thrillist recently posted this video of Mr. B making his donuts. (drool) Unfortunately, his beloved donut shop was vandalized, but the community has been rallying behind Mr. B raising money to help him rebuild.



Love Beyond Walls

As the rest of the world is talking about sanitizing and washing their hands, there is an entire community of homeless people who aren’t able to do those things. So Terence Lester of Love Beyond Walls started to distribute portable handwashing stations to the most high traffic homeless areas across our nation. Because everyone deserves to stay healthy.



School of Self Defense - Long Beach, CA

Zahelea has run a self-defense studio in Long Beach for 25 years. Last week, her building was set on fire destroying the dojo where she trains. 

She's currently searching for a new location so she can get back to training her students as soon as possible. 



Du Nord Craft Spirits - Minneapolis, MN

A craft distillery that has also started making hand sanitizer during the pandemic.

They have been an active business in their community organizing food and supply donations as well as making hand sanitizer to distribute to their community during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Thank you for making this support possible. We know it's just a start. To learn more about the Giveback Homes movement, or to join our community go to