The Mazzo Group Funds 6th Home in Nicaragua for a Family in Need

JJ Mazzo is the Sr. Vice President and Sr. Mortgage Advisor of CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc. JJ’s customers enjoy the benefits of working with a mortgage lender that is powerful enough to be a direct endorsed seller/servicer with GNMA & FNMA. Which means they process, underwrite, fund, and service your loans - all in house. When JJ first joined Giveback Homes, he helped fund a home for the Saballos Family,  just one month later he funded a second home for the Sanchez family. Followed by a third home for the Jarquin family and a fourth home for Santos, a mother in Nicaragua. This year, The Mazzo Group continued their tradition by funding a 5th home for Hilda and Jose Angel, and today, they fund their 6th complete home for Jesus and Tomasa Zeledon in Esteli, Nicaragua. 



June 30th, 2020

Jesus and Tomasa's home is now complete! Thanks to The Mazzo Group, the family has a safe, new home to call their own. Thank you JJ, and the entire Mazzo Group team and their clients for making this story possible. 



April 25th, 2019

Meet Jesus Zeledon


Current living conditions 

Location: Esteli, Nicaragua 

Jesus is 74 years old and lives with his wife, Tomasa, who is 80 years old. They’ve lived on their land in Esteli for 28 years. Jesus made his living working in agriculture and currently works as a laborer on a farm. Together, they have 8 children, but two of their youngest passed away years ago. One of their daughters lives next door to them and helps them as much as she can. Jesus suffers from migraines and arthritis and Tomasa has high blood pressure and frequent migraines. They hope a new home will help them lead healthier lives. Their current home is made of scrap wood, rotted metal and has dirt floors.

Thanks to The Mazzo Group, Jesus and Tomasa will soon have a safe, new home of their own. The construction of their home is expected to be completed by the end of the year. Stay tuned for updates!



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