A safe home for Adelina in Nicaragua

 August 5th, 2020

Thanks to donations from Giveback Homes Members, Adelina and her son now have a safe, stable place to call home in her hometown of San Rafael del Norte, Nicaragua.


Adelina and her son can sleep soundly now knowing they have a home that will not fall apart or leak when a storm moves in. We are grateful to JJ Mazzo, Beth Ann Falcon, Susana Murphy, Todd Pearl, Jennifer Fly, Mike Cook, Kavitha Ramanathan, Joseph Sabeh and Jessyka Soto for making this story possible. Thank you for helping us change lives #forsocialgood!



August 2019

Adelina Olivas has been living in a small house made of rotten wood, plastic and metal sheets. Her older son lives with her and is her only financial support at the time. She is unable to work due to some health issues that she is currently facing. “We are very excited to be part of this project,” said Adelina, “we never thought our dream would come true. The house we are living in right now is falling apart.”



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