The Northrop Group Partners With Giveback Homes For 4th Annual Team Build Day in Denver

Jessica Northrop with Compass Denver is a Giveback Homes Member in Greenwood Village, Colorado. She first traveled with the Giveback Homes team to Nicaragua in 2016 to build a home for Carla and her family. Shortly after returning to the states, Jessica was inspired to help build a home for a family in Colorado. In June of 2017, she brought her team out to help build a home for a local family in need in partnership with Denver Habitat for Humanity. The following year, Jessica and her team came out for their second Build Day in Sheridan Square in May 2018. And last year, Jessica rallied her brokerage to help build homes in the Elyria Swansea neighborhood, marking her third Build Day with Giveback Homes. This October, Jessica continues the tradition by hosting her fourth Build Day, this time helping to build a home for Donovan and his daughter.


On Friday, October 30th, 2020, The Northrop Group with Compass Denver came out and help build a home for a family in need in partnership with Denver Habitat for Humanity and Giveback Homes. The team, which included Jessica Northrop, Jayd Wells, Brian Pintar and Cali Forbes, helped put the finishing touches on the home by painting the exterior and the trim. Soon, a single father and his 6-year old daughter will be moving in. Read more about the family below. 



Meet the family they are helping: 

Donovan’s first introduction to Habitat for Humanity was a teambuilding day in 2019 with his employer, TIAA. Donovan is a financial consultant for the retirement company and enjoyed the opportunity to help build homes during a volunteer day. It was during that volunteer day that Donovan learned about Habitat’s homeownership program and realized that he could qualify.


Donovan is excited for the opportunity to build and buy his first home for himself and his 6-year old daughter. The two are currently sharing a 2-bedroom apartment where they’ve had to convert her bedroom into a hybrid office so that Donovan has a place to work during the pandemic. They’ve made the most of it by putting two desks side-by side, allowing Donovan and his daughter to work alongside each other as they navigate remote work and school. “I look at remote learning as a blessing because I get to spend extra time with my daughter,” Donovan shares.


Although Donovan and his daughter are making their current living situation work, Donovan knows it’s not a great place for them long-term. The biggest concern is a leak in the roof right above his daughter’s bed that allows water to drip in every time it rains. Donovan knows homeownership will make a big difference for his daughter.


Stability will have a positive effect on her,” shares Donovan. “It will increase her chances of understanding the importance of homeownership when she becomes an adult. She likes to learn and she can do anything when she puts her mind to it.”


Donovan can’t wait to start investing in his family’s future through homeownership. “I appreciate the opportunity buying a home will create for me... to build equity in something is a really big deal.”



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