The Agency Provides Thanksgiving Meals and Safe Shelter to Thousands on Skid Row

December 3rd, 2020


In October 2020, The Agency partnered with the Los Angeles Union Rescue Mission in their annual Over The Edge fundraising event where twenty-three members of The Agency team rappel 24 stories to help raise funds for the fight against homelessness.

Together, The Agency raised over $25,0000 to help support the incredible work of Union Rescue Mission. The impact of their donated dollars provided 10,000 Thanksgiving meals at the URM’s grab-and-go Thanksgiving celebration on skid row and provided nearly 500 people with shelter and food along with other necessary services provided by the URM.


We are grateful to The Agency for their commitment to fighting homelessness. Big thanks to the agents that participated in the fundraising event and their friends, family and clients for donating to make this all happen. To learn more visit 

The Agency was the top fundraising team for the weekend event. Participants included Christine AgopianKarine AslanianRicardo BeerCody CarrasGloria Castellanos, Makenzie Green, Craig KnizekAnn MetzgerJosh MylerKathrin NicholsonStefan PommepuyJeromy RobertGus Ruelas, Kate Schillace, Michelle SchwartzJason Walker and Jamie Waryck.



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