The Mazzo Group Builds 8th Home for a Single Mother in Nicaragua

Since joining Giveback Homes in 2016, JJ Mazzo is has funded seven homes for families in need. 

2016 - Saballos family 

2016 - Sanchez family 

2017 - Jarquin family

2017 - Socorro Alfaro Sanchez family

2018 - Angel family 

2019 - Zeledon family

2020 - Funded fresh meals and portable handwashing stations to high-traffic homeless areas

2021 - Hernandez family

Today, he funds his 8th home for a single mother in Nicaragua. 


March 25th, 2021

Yojana's home is complete! Thanks to this new home, Yojana has started selling different food items, a new business to earn more income for herself and her family.



February 2nd , 2021


Thanks to a generous donation from The Mazzo Group, a single, hard working mother of two in Nicaragua will soon have a safe place to call home. 


Meet Yojana Marchena

Yojana is 50 years old and works hard selling Nicaraguan food like atoll, indio viejo, and soups. She earns about $14/day. Yojana is a single mother to her two daughters, who are 17 and 10 years old. Yojana also takes care of her mother who also lives with her. Their current home has a damaged roof, making it hard to keep dry during the rainy season and the wood is rotting. Yojana has dreamed of having a decent home for her family.


We are grateful to The Mazzo Group for their dedication to giving back and helping those in need through their business. We can’t wait for Yojana to have a safe place to call home.




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