Zip Code East Bay Hosts Second Team Build Day in Oakland with Giveback Homes

May 14th, 2021

On May 6th, 2021, Zip Code East Bay came together to help repair a home that has sat vacant for 15 years in Oakland, CA.

Two single-family residences have been donated to Habitat for Humanity with the intention of creating long-term, affordable housing for local families. Deed restrictions will protect affordability for many years to come, so that these homes will be enduring additions to the area’s sorely-needed affordable housing stock.

Zip Code East Bay’s founder Josh Dickinson joined Giveback Homes in 2014 becoming the first Giveback Homes Member in Northern California. Since then, Josh and his entire team have been dedicated to building community through real estate. They continue this mission by supporting affordable housing through fundraising and volunteering with Giveback Homes and Habitat for Humanity.

The team helped cut and hang dry wall, repurpose old brick, and helped demo the back deck. Thanks to their help, the project is one step closer to getting the home up to code. Soon, the Dang family will have the opportunity to build strength, stability, and self-reliance through affordable homeownership.


 Meet Kiet and Binh Dang

“This is our dream come true,” says Kiet Dang while working on the sweat equity at their future home in Oakland. “Finally, we see that it’s true. This our house.” It’s been seven years since the family first applied to Habitat’s Homeownership program and while they kept tabs on the Habitat website and dropped by the Oakland office on occasion, Kiet and Binh also continued working hard and saving diligently in the hopes of one day becoming homeowners. The couple and their 12-year-old son, Phong, have all been sharing one bedroom in a house with seven other household members. “For me,” Kiet says, “all things are for our son first. My kid, my grandchildren someday – their future is more important than my future. That’s all we dream about.” That future became a reality when Kiet and Binh learned they’d be able to purchase a Habitat Home with a stable, affordable mortgage. Their son, Phong can’t wait for the space, peace and privacy. Binh, an avid cook, smiles ear to ear when she looks at their future kitchen. “This is my house,” says Binh, “I’ll work for it. I feel so happy.”





We are grateful to the Josh and Zip Code East Bay for rolling up their sleeves and volunteering their time on this project. Stay tuned for updates on the progress of these renovations. Want to get involved? Email to host a Team Build Day at our Oakland Rehab.



About Zip Code East Bay

Zip Code East Bay is a boutique real estate practice located in Kensington, CA. With a focus on building community through real estate, Zip Code East Bay helps clients navigate the home buying and selling experience with innovative strategies, knowledgeable problem solving and creative energy.

Founded in 2012 by Josh Dickinson, Zip Code East Bay specifically utilizes green, community and family-oriented practices to serve homeowners, buyers and sellers in the East Bay with the belief that awareness, education and engagement are key to thriving, authentic communities. In 2018, Zip Code East Bay became the first real estate brokerage in California to be certified as a B Corp based on rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.



To join the Giveback Homes movement go to To donate and help build a home for a family in need, please click here. 100% of your contribution will go directly towards building homes #forsocialgood