Member Spotlight: Megan Lyons

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Megan Lyons of Keller Knapp Real Estate shares her story in the Giveback Homes member spotlight, including why she joined Giveback Homes, the proudest moment in her career so far and more:

Why did you join Giveback Homes? I couldn’t think of any reasons not to!  It seemed like such a great cause and I didn’t have any other charities at the moment that I was super invested in.

What’s the proudest moment in your career so far? Maybe winning Best Realtor in Atlanta in Creative Loafing.  It was based on consumer votes so it meant the world to me to have such a strong group of supporters behind me.

What’s your favorite memory from moving in to your first home? Realizing just how great our neighborhood is – we live a little over a mile to downtown Decatur which is such a fun, trendy, growing area.  We just love our house so much too and decorating and renovating is one of my favorite on-going projects.

How has the real estate profession evolved in the last 5 years? When I first entered the real estate world 4 years ago, it was completely different.  Many agents kept referring to the current market as a “bad market”  but to me, it was the only market I have ever known as a Realtor.  I am so glad I came in at that time because it was a challenge.  Buyers were scared about purchasing in such an economic turn and now buyers are everywhere and finding listings is the challenge.  Many agents that have been in the business for over 10 years or so had started to give up when I was newly in the business.  They saw the great real estate market and didn’t know how to adapt to this “changed” market.  I hope to one day experience such incredible real estate markets but right now, things are 100 times better than they were just 4 years ago in my experience.

How has your involvement with Giveback Homes changed the way you personally do business? I am pretty new to Giveback Homes but I have noticed clients eyes light up when I get to the Giveback Homes part of my presentations. Who wouldn’t love the idea of being a part of such a great cause?

If you could give one piece of advice to people looking to move into their own home, what would it be?  Realize there is no such thing as a “perfect home” but instead make sure your top 5 or so needs are met.  Also, understand you will more than likely experience some level of “buyer’s remorse” at some point during the process.  This is completely normal considering it’s one of the biggest purchases of your life.  Don’t let it ruin the whole deal but instead remember all the reasons you fell in love with the home in the first place.

Find out more about Megan Lyons, who is Giveback Homes’ first realtor from Atlanta, here.