To El Salvador with Love: The Northrop Group Takes Off to Central America to Build Two Homes for Two Deserving Families

Since joining Giveback Homes in 2016, Jessica Northrop has funded four homes for families in need in Nicaragua and has hosted five Team Build Days to support affordable housing in Denver.

2016: Jessica travels to Nicaragua to build a home for Carla and her family

2017: Jessica hosts first Team Build Day in Denver

2018: Jessica Funds Complete Home for Single Mother of Four in Nicaragua

2018: Jessica hosts second Team Build Day in Denver

2019: Jessica hosts third Team Build Day in Denver

2019: Jessica Northrop Funds a Home in Nicaragua for a Single Mother of 9 Children

2020: Jessica hosts Fourth Team Build Day in Denver

2021: Jessica Builds Home in Nicaragua for Hardworking Family in Need

2021: The Northrop Group helped repair a fence for an elderly low-income homeowner in Denver



September 13th, 2021

Giveback Homes Member Jessica Northrop has been dedicated to building homes for families in need through her real estate business for five years. This September, she continues the tradition by taking her team to El Salvador with Giveback Homes to help build two homes for two deserving families in the Los Lotes community. Jessica will be joined by Jayd Wells, Cali Forbes, Brian Pintar, Ashley Swenson, Jeff Bua, and Geo Flores


Meet the families they are helping:



Juan Carlos and María Eugenia have been together for 10 years in their hometown of Los Lotes community. They have lived on the land next to Juan Carlos' mother’s house in Los Lotes, raising their three children, Gerson (7), Melissa (4) and Karla (10 months). Their son, Gerson, is in first grade and loves playing football. When he grows up, he would like to become a doctor. Their daughter, Melissa, is in kindergarten. She loves playing with dolls, and when she grows up, she wants to be a housewife.

Juan Carlos is 31 years old and works as a bricklayer's assistant in construction. Maria is 29 years old and currently works in a restaurant on the pier making cocktails and food. Together the two earn $600 a month, which covers food, parenting and other needs, but is not enough when there are unforeseen expenses or when they need to buy appliances, like a refrigerator.

Their current home consists of a structure of tree trunks and wood, forming a single room without divisions. The roof and walls are made of sheets, and the floor is dirt, which turns into mud during a storm. The home was built quickly six months ago after they were evicted from their previous home, which is why they have problems with water leaks that lead to flooding.

Juan Carlos and María are active in their community and like to take care of their neighbors. Whenever the board of directors is collecting help for a build, they support with whatever they can. Juan Carlos and Maria dream of leaving something worthy behind for their children. A new home means a change of life, and they consider it a great blessing for the peace of mind it will provide their family.  




María Isabel is a single mother who works as a vendor in a public school, which includes different kinds of products such as minutas, fried potatoes and snacks.  During her free time, she plays soccer. María Isabel and her 3-year-old son, Cristian Alejandro, have lived in the Los Lotes community for the last 21 years.

They have been in their current home which consists of a structure of tree trunks and wood forming a single room without divisions, for one year. The roof and walls are made of sheets and the floor is dirt. During storms, they have leaks and flooding which causes their floor to turn into mud. María Isabel’s job earns her $100 a month, and she receives $25 as child support for Cristian. However, their income doesn't cover the cost of clothes and shoes. Maria believes that this new home will provide her and her Cristian a sense of peace and safety, as well as provide protection for her son.



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