Todd Pearl Donates a Complete Home for a Family in El Salvador

December 21st, 2021

Thanks to a generous donation from Todd Pearl, the Palacio family now has a safe place to call home. Just in time for the holidays. 







November 16th, 2021


Todd Pearl has been committed to Giveback Homes as a Member for over six years. As a real estate professional, Todd proudly serves the South Bay and the Greater Los Angeles helping his clients with every aspect of buying or selling. Since joining Giveback Homes, Todd has volunteered multiple times to help build affordable housing throughout Los Angeles and has donated to help build homes in Nicaragua and Mexico.


This year, Todd donated to build a complete home for a family in El Salvador. The home will be completed just in time for the holidays and soon this family will have a safe place to call home.


Meet the Palacio Family:


Carmelo and Sandra have lived in their current home together with their three children, Marisol (16 years old), Santos, (12 years old) and Emerson (7 years old). Their current home is made of scrap wood and sheets of metal. When it rains, the floor turns to mud and they have to move all of their belongings to a neighbor’s home so that it doesn’t get wet.


Carmelo works hard as a farmer, cultivating various grains like corn and beans. Earning about $150/month, he is very grateful to have a paying job and hopes to be able to pass on his skillset to his children.


Sandra works hard taking care of their kids, gathering and selling firewood, planting and taking care of trees, and any other jobs or activities her community needs. Sandra lives with diabetes which requires costly medicines and treatment but she hopes that this new home will be able to provide some relief to her and her family.


Their daughter Marisol is in ninth grade and enjoys playing soccer with her brothers and neighbors. Witnessing her mother's illness every day, Marisol dreams of one day becoming a nurse.


Their son Santos is in fourth grade, loves to play soccer and help his father work in the corn fields. His dream is to one day own his own bakery. 


Their youngest son, Emerson is in first grade and he just loves to play soccer with his family and friends. He knows school is important for his future but doesn’t know yet what he wants to do. For now, soccer.


Stay tuned for updates! Thank you to Todd Pearl and his clients who have made this story possible.



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