The Northrop Group Donates to Build Two Homes for Families in El Salvador


Since joining Giveback Homes in 2016, Jessica Northrop has funded new homes for families in need throughout Central America and has volunteered for Team Build Days to support affordable housing in Denver.




2016: Jessica travels to Nicaragua to build a home for Carla and her family

2017: Jessica hosts first Team Build Day in Denver

2018: Jessica Funds Complete Home for Single Mother of Four in Nicaragua

2018: Jessica hosts second Team Build Day in Denver

2019: Jessica hosts third Team Build Day in Denver

2019: Jessica Northrop Funds a Home in Nicaragua for a Single Mother of 9 Children

2020: Jessica hosts Fourth Team Build Day in Denver

2021: Jessica Builds Home in Nicaragua for Hardworking Family in Need

2021: The Northrop Group helped repair a fence for an elderly low-income homeowner in Denver

2022: The Northrop Group hosts sixth Team Build Day in Denver for a local family in need

2023: The Northrop Group hosts seventh Team Build Day in Denver for a local family in need


 December 1st, 2023 


Meet the Perez de Martel Family

Lorenza and Moises have lived in the Comunidades community for over 15 years. Together, they have taken on the responsibility of raising Lorenza’s three nephews after their parents separated. Lorenza’s brother (the children’s father) works far away, and still sends financial support and comes to visit his kids when it’s possible. Lorenza is 40 years old and dedicates her time to taking care of her nephews, doing household chores, and she sells tortillas to the local community to help make extra income. Her dream is see her nephews grow and live a healthy life. Moises is 39 years old and works seven days a week as a transportation driver. Beyond his daily responsibilities, Moises enjoys serving as a leader in the community, working to improve conditions and growth towards a safe and welcoming community for everyone. His vision extends beyond his family and his dream is to help make a positive change that will benefit future generations.

Their nephews are Gerson (11), Rodrigo (9), and Estefani (7), and they all are exceling in school and have dreams to continue their education. The family earns about $240 per month. Their home is made of rotting metal sheets, dirt floors, and a leaky roof. “We could sleep much more peacefully with a good roof, not having to worry about leaks in the middle of the night,” said Lorenza. Their home has once flooded up to their knees. Their new home will be completed just before Christmas.


Meet the Coto Martel Family

The Coto Martel family have suffered deeply after the loss of their first son, Carlitos. He was diagnosed with cancer and due to the lack of proper treatment, he sadly passed away at the age of twelve. Maria is 43 years old and spends her time taking care of their second son Edgardo (11 years old), doing household chores, and maintaining their garden and pet chickens. Maria’s dream is to have a new house, to see the streets in the community be repaired, and hopefully have another child. Carlos is 42 years old and works as a laborer to provide for their family. He also owns a small cornfield that helps provide basic grains for their family. Carlos hardly has any free time but when he does, he enjoys working on their land to keep is safe and clean. His dream is to have a new home and hopefully one day be able to afford his own truck to work and generate more income for his family. Their son Edgardo is in the fifth grade. He loves playing soccer with his friends and cousins in the community and dreams of making soccer his career.

The family earns about $148 per month which barely covers their basic food, water, electricity bills, and the cost of the land they live on. Their home is made of rotting metal sheets, dirt floors, a leaky roof, and they share a mattress for sleeping.

The family looks forward to having a secure roof that will bring them peace of mind during storms and a home that will give them hope to fulfill their future dreams. Their new home will be completed just before Christmas. 



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