The Mazzo Group Builds 22nd Home for Families in El Salvador

December 1st, 2023 - Thanks to a generous donation from The Mazzo Group, Santos and her son Douglas now have a safe place to call home in El Salvador. This is the 22nd home made possible by The Mazzo Group.

Santos (30 years old) moved to this community with her husband and his family thirteen years ago. They had their son and dreamed of a home and a brighter future. Sadly, her husband died in an accident about 4 years ago. Since this tragic loss, Santos and her son Douglas (13 years old) have been living with her father / Santos’ grandfather. Santos has been working in a sewing factory earning about $360/month. Her income is used for essentials like, food, utilities, transportation, and medicine. They only have access to electricity and water once every 3 days for 3 hours. When Santos is not at work, she likes to attend church and participates in as many community activities as possible.

Douglas (13 years old) is in sixth grade and likes to learn at school and play soccer with his friends. When he’s not studying, Douglas will sometimes help work in the cornfield with his grandfather. Santos is charismatic, outgoing, and studious.

Santos and Douglas live on a tight budget, making it hard to save for a home. The current structure they’re living in was built by Santos. It’s made of wood, dirt floors, and sheet metal.


Santos and Douglas have seen how a new home can impact families and their overall community. They are looking forward to a new home that will feel safe.


Since joining Giveback Homes in 2016, The Mazzo Group has been committed to donating complete homes for families in Central America. In 2020, The Mazzo Group donated to help provide fresh meals, and handwashing stations to high-traffic homeless areas throughout the U.S.

2016 - Saballos family 

2016 - Sanchez family 

2017 - Jarquin family

2017 - Socorro Alfaro Sanchez family

2018 - Angel family 

2019 - Zeledon family

2020 - Funded fresh meals and portable handwashing stations to high-traffic homeless areas

2021 - Hernandez family

2021 – Marchena family

2021 - Manuel Adolfo Lainez

2022 - Maria Santos Palacios family

2022 - Candida Rosa Family

2022 - Alba Maria Family

2022 - Linda Urania Family

2022 - Diana Maria Family

2022 - Verania Family

2022 - Leyma Family

2022 - Nereyda Aguilar Family

2023 - Teresa Sanchez Cuellar Family

2023 - Griselda Tolentino Alvarado Family  (20th Home)

2023 - Maria and Sam Garcia Family



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