Giveback Homes Comes To Dallas

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Today Giveback Homes, a business that turns real estate communities into donors helping to reduce poverty around the globe, announced its alliance with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. The partnership brings a new type of corporate giving to realtors in Dallas to create housing for low-income families.

“I grew up in Texas and spent my young adult life in Dallas,” said CEO and founder of Giveback Homes, Blake Andrews. “Having the ability to give back to the community I grew up in has been a goal of mine for the past decade, and a milestone that I’m thrilled to have now achieved. I’m determined to build on our membership in Dallas and get started on building homes for families in need.”

Already, Giveback Homes has a successful partnership in Los Angeles and is now rolling out more programs across the nation. Inspired by a humanitarian trip to Nicaragua when Andrews worked for TOMS shoes, Giveback Homes launched six months ago. It offers an effective corporate social responsibility (CSR) program to local real estate agencies.

By becoming members of Giveback Homes, real estate professionals are able to contribute to their community as well as differentiate their company from their competitors. Members pay $50 a month to be part of the program and in return receive marketing services to publicize their membership and the fact that they “give back”. Once a realtor becomes a Giveback Homes member, he or she can donate as much or as little of any sales commission made, and 100% of all donations go directly towards building homes for families in need.

Giveback Homes is working with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity to build and deliver affordable, sustainable housing to local, hard working, low-income families.

“We are pleased to officially announce our partnership with Giveback Homes, and look forward to collectively improving housing conditions to help revitalize local communities. We foresee a long lasting and rewarding relationship to provide more sustainable, affordable houses for families in Dallas, by calling on our generous real estate community,” said Bill Hall, CEO at Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity.

To cement the new Dallas partnership, Giveback Homes introduces its first five members in Texas, including leading real estate agency Rogers Healy and Associates Real Estate.  Other members include Sue Barnes at Keller Williams Realty, Corey Duhon at DuWest Realty, Jane Yeatman at Ebby Halliday Realtors, Marcus Selander at John Daugherty Realtors and Linda Vallala at Coldwell Banker.

“Giveback Homes is unlike anything I’ve heard of before,” said Rogers Healy, owner of Rogers Healy and Associates Real Estate. “Making donations for the construction of homes for families in need is worthy in its own right. In return, our agency gains an unusual marketing benefit through our use of the Giveback Homes logo and marketing services. As Giveback Homes likes to say, membership turns buyers, sellers and professionals throughout the transaction chain into humanitarians.”

In 2011, when Andrews was working at TOMS, he went on a Habitat for Humanity Global Village trip to Nicaragua. This visit was his inspiration for becoming a social entrepreneur, to help lead the charge in making the world a better place, one transaction at a time. In the case of Giveback Homes, the entrepreneurs are the real estate community: realtors, mortgage brokers, commercial agents, homebuilders and interior designers. Giveback Homes turns every homebuyer and seller into a humanitarian.

Find out more about how to join Giveback Homes and become a part of our mission to give back here.