Building A Home For The Gutierrez Family

Giveback Homes was able to pack their bags and travel to Nicaragua, where they took part in building a home for the Gutierrez Family. Giveback Homes started construction on a safe, decent home for the Gutierrez family from April 28th to May 1st.

Here is their story…


Sadir Medrano, 23, and his wife Oris Gutierrez, 20, are  parents to a precious baby boy, Sadir Alexander Jr.  Sadir is the sole supporter for his family with a monthly income of $120. Unfortunately, he works at a sugarcane mill and only receives his monthly income during harvest season. The family currently lives with Sadir's parents in one of the three rooms, sleeping among their belongings. The structure stands in precarious conditions  and is overcrowded.


Despite being literate, Sadir struggles to find a different job even though he holds a high school diploma, due to the limited employment opportunities in his area. Though he suffers from severe myopia (nearsightedness), Sadir is determined to support his family and to provide a better future for his son.


Thanks to Giveback Homes member contributions and the homeowners for helping change the lives of The Medrano-Gutierrez family and allowing them to have a secure, healthy place to live. Want to be a part of giving back? Join us in making a difference.