Changing Lives For The Sanchez Family

Giveback Homes wants to send a huge thank you to member Dennis Moloney of Manhattan Beach, CA for his generous donation through Giveback Homes to Habitat for Humanity Nicaragua. This contribution will make it possible to build a brand new home for Fermin Sanchez, his two granddaughters and their family.

Here is their story…


For almost two decades, 82-year-old Fermin Sanchez has been taking care of his two granddaughters, Igdania, who is 14, and Rosa, who is 17. The family lives in the community of San Cayetano. Fermín adopted his granddaughters when they were babies, after his son died of leukemia. Rosa is currently living in her grandfather’s house with her partner Milton and their 7 month old daughter, Alexandra Camila.


The house is currently in terrible condition. There are holes in the roof, causing rainfall to penetrate into the living area. The Sanchez’s family household income consists of Fermin’s retirement pension and Milton’s taxi services income in Masachapa, a nearby community. Fermin’s pension is approximately $188 and Milton is able make $120 a month for the household.


The good news is, soon they will have a safe, healthy place to live thanks to Dennis and Habitat for Humanity Nicaragua! Construction is now under way. It was an honor to shake Fermin’s hand on our building trip to Nicaragua and let him know he will soon have a safe place to call home.

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