Successful Build Trip To Nicaragua, Rewarding For All

One by one, our members piled into a white van, on our way to the build site. We were all eager to get there and start working, but neither of us knew exactly what to expect. We drove through the city of Managua and slowly made our way to a small village called San Cayetano. Our van made its way up a dirt road, and eventually turned a corner, where we saw a flat area with some piles of dirt and a pop-up tent. We made it to the build site.

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There to greet us with huge smiles were Sadir, his wife Oris and their baby boy. Our team didn't hesitate to pick up shovels and start moving cinder blocks. With the 80 degree weather, it wasn't long until our shirts were soaked with sweat. The sweatier we got, the bigger the smiles and louder our laughs. It felt good knowing we were mixing the concrete that would hold Sadir's home together, a home he would live in for the rest of his life and pass on to his son.

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We worked extremely hard throughout both days of building, but always found some time to stop and play with the local kiddos. Whether we were taking selfies, throwing a softball, or hitting the piñata, we made sure to keep them entertained. But it's never really clear who is teaching who. We also had the chance to visit with other families who have received or will be receiving a home because of Giveback Homes. We met Santiago, who stayed home from work for the day, because he wanted the chance to meet Nick Schneider, the man who made his home possible.

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We wrapped up all our hard work and emotions with a celebratory bonfire for us and Habitat for Humanity. Everyone that joined us will forever be bonded in building a home for Sadir, and a future for his family. Homes Change Lives.

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Hear it from our members directly:

“It was a remarkable trip that really has gotten me to see the bigger picture.” – James Poulos

“Blake, proud of you. Many are visionaries, but few execute.” – Rogers Healy

“Flipping through the photos and remembering the jokes and stories between everyone. Great experience with you guys.” – Mark Leddy

“An amazing trip and loved the kids of Nicaragua. I cannot wait to go back!” – Ryan Secrist

“I feel like we had an amazing experience and this was one of the best groups of men and women I’ve ever been associated with.” – Nick Schneider