Building A Home For The Vallecillo Family


May 7th 2017

Mauricio and his family unfortunately weren't home when we stopped by for a visit. He works longs hours as an electrician. But his parents were home and they couldn't be more excited to chat with us. They are so proud of their son Mauricio for taking such great care of his home and even building a patio onto it. They're proud of all of their kids, "because they're good kids, they never gave us problems, and we've all remained close to each other," they said. But not as close as they used to, sharing a one-bedroom before having a home built for them. Mauricio's son Isaac is now 8 years old and doing really great in school. 


The Vallecillo family now have a place to call home thanks to the amazing contributions from Giveback Homes members. A big thank you to Abby WaddellChristopher BuckleyFaisal HalumFred ZuelichJackie WelterJosh DickinsonKaarina JoKevin KaterndahlMark LeddyPaul CruzRebecca BrooksRogers Healy and Williamson and Pagan for your generous donations, which made constructing another home with Habitat for Humanity of Nicaragua possible. We can't wait to see what social good Giveback Homes members will implement next!

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Mauricio Vallecillo, who is 25, and Magaly Perez, age 22, are the loving parents of 5 year old Isaac. Isaac is handicapped, with a slight deformity in his right hand and leg. However Isaac's father, Mauricio believes that his son is not disabled, saying "God sent him to us like that, and everything God sends is beautiful." Earning an income of $96 a month, Mauricio supports his family by working hard as an electrician in the Sugar Mill Navinic, just outside of the community.


Giveback Homes is proud our members came together to help such a deserving family. We are excited to announce construction is now complete on the Vallecillo's home in Nicaragua! Find out how you can join us and change lives too here.

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