Member Spotlight: John Caliendo


John Caliendo of RE/MAX Estate Properties shares his story in the latest Giveback Homes member spotlight, including his proudest career moment, his biggest challenge with owning his first home and how being a part of the latest #GivebackBuild made him feel:

What’s the proudest moment in your career so far? 

When my now deceased Father (who would have preferred I pursue a legal career in New York) came to visit, and saw how sincerely happy I was as a realtor in California.

What’s the biggest challenge with owning your first home?

Property taxes that come due in the heart of the holiday season! But seriously, when something goes wrong (and something eventually goes wrong in every home) there’s no landlord to call. You’re on your own!

How do you hope to impact communities through joining Giveback Homes?

I clearly remember studying “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” while in college. After the very, very basics of food and water comes “shelter.” Enough said.

Where do you hope Giveback Homes expands to in the future?

Oh, I have ideas. And I’ve been sharing them with the Big Kahuna, ha ha.

How has the real estate profession evolved in the last 5 years?

In my humble opinion, the Real Estate industry does not evolve at a rapid pace. That’s one of the reasons I’ve aligned myself with Giveback Homes. Talk about evolution!

Describe the recent Build Day you participated in with Giveback Homes… 

You sure you wanna’ get me started? LOL So many thoughts and emotions… And worth noting… I have a new found respect for the millions of men and women who wake up every day before dawn, strap on that tool belt and go bust their butts in the hot sun all day covered in sunscreen and dust and sweat. That alone was life changing. As for the most recent build, it was just a perfect day. All these people, so positive, so friendly, all happily working away. People going out of their comfort zones, and challenging themselves (I personally overcame a long-standing fear of nail guns! Not kidding!) I personally was euphoric for most of the day (either that or someone was spiking the drinks!).

How do you think owning a home will affect these families in the future?

There’s a term in the business called “Pride of Ownership.” Once again, enough said.

If you could give one piece of advice to people looking for their first home, what would it be?

Give your real estate agent the benefit of the doubt. They just may be more than the “salesperson” they appear to be.
Thank you, John! Find out more about John Caliendo, including how to contact him, here.