Building A Home For The Monroy Family

With many thanks to the generous donation Giveback Homes member Matt Curtis has given, construction for a new home in Nicaragua is now officially complete! Matt is dedicated to build a complete home in Nicaragua for every 100 homes Matt Curtis Real Estate Sells. We can't wait to see Matt continue to change lives in Nicaragua.


The Monroy family is so thankful to finally have a place to call home. Here is their story...



Dora Monroy is 73 years old and has lived in San Cayetano, Nicaragua for more than half of her life. She is the mother of 13 children and "was blessed," in her words, with a 34-year-old daughter, who was born with a mental disability. For the time being, Dora and her daughter live in her nephew's home in overcrowded conditions. Dora continues to work at the sugar mill with an income of $10.00 per week U.S. to support herself and her daughter. They both get food and supplies from helpful community members as well. While none of the 12 remaining children help Dora financially, she receives minor assistance from the local government, which includes the supply of certain basic grains. Her nephew's property lacks running water, electricity and a sanitary unit.



Giveback Homes is grateful to be able to partner with Habitat for Humanity Nicaragua to provide a new home for Dora and her family. They have been relocated to a new area that is not at risk of floods or droughts. Her new home is complete with concrete floors, reinforced masonry, cinder blocks, a 26 gauge metal roof and two wooden windows.



This loving family now has a new place to call home thanks to Matt. Read more about Matt and his pledge to make a difference here. Want to be a part of giving back? Join us in making a difference.