Changing Lives For The Garcia Family

Giveback Homes members, Nick Schneider and June Emerson, have graciously donated funds for construction of a new home in Nicaragua!


The Garcia family couldn't be more grateful for this donation. Their new home has changed their lives in the best ways. Here is their story ...


Rosa Lina is the 44 year old mother of Sarai. Sarai is 11 years old and finishing up her 6th grade this year.


Rosa is a loving mother, but struggles with daily activities because of her disability. Rosa was in an accident and now has plates in her spine, which cause too much pain to work. Since the accident occurred, Rosa receives a pension for total disability amounting to $140 USD a month. Through family support in the department of health revenue, the family also receives additional non-fixed incomes when possible.


Rosa and Sarai shared their old house with another three-person family, including Rosa's sister. Their old home was unsafe and not fit for so many people. The house was enclosed with zinc, had a floor made of dirt, and an electrical system that had dangerous connections. There also were  many robberies at the home, as there was no front door to keep them safe.

The Garcia family's new home provides safety and comfort with reinforced masonry, cinder blocks, 2 wooden windows, a 26 gauge metal roof and a clean concrete floor.







Here we see Rosa Lina's sister, Magdalena, who also lives in the house with her family. Since Rosa Lina was out working during our visit, Magdalena told us that Rosa Lina is grateful to Giveback Homes, since they provided a house with adequate conditions.   She also said to us that Rosa Lina has no words to express all of her gratitude, since her only daughter, Sarai, is now able to grow in a worthy environment.

When we arrived at her house, Sarai was coming from school and got very excited to see Habitat for Humanity Nicaragua staff members. Also, Sarai told us how hard she has been working at school now that she has a worthy house to live in.  In the picture above, you can see Sarai, wearing a school uniform, Magdalena and her family.



With many thanks to Nick and June, the Garcia family is in a much better and safer house they can call home. We can't wait to see what Giveback Homes members do next!