Completed - A New Home In Nicaragua

Thanks to many amazing Giveback Homes members, the Canada family is well on their way to getting a new, safe, sustainable home!  Read their story below and see photos of the home being constructed and their smiling faces now that it is completed. So happy for this very deserving family!


Mauricio Canada, who is 31 years old, is a single father who works hard as an automobile mechanic in Panama. His daughter, Gleny, is 6 years old and is being taken care of by her grandmother, Manuela Garcia, while her father is away in Panama. Manuela does not work, and she and Gleny depend on Mauricio's income, which is $350 per month.


Mauricio is able to visit his daughter in Nicaragua once a year, usually around Christmas. He gives her Christmas presents with love, but dreams of giving her a house with the safety of a real home.

Their previous property is in terrible condition. The enclosure of the house is made of rusty zinc and shabby wood with dirt as the floor. The family's living space is overcrowded and there is a dangerous electric system threatening their safety.


Once construction is complete, the Canada family will have a new home that will be safe and much more comfortable. The housing solution will include a concrete floor, reinforced masonry, cinder blocks, 26 gauge metal roof and 2 wooden windows.  Here is what the new home looks like now...

And here it is... Gleny's finished home!  Thank you to all our amazing Giveback Homes members who donated towards this project, as well as many more to come! Want to be a part of giving back? Join us to help make a difference. Already a member? Please consider donating today to help change lives for the Canada family and many more in this amazing community.