L.A. Build Day Coming Soon

GBH1 13-34-29

We are excited to announce that we are getting close to another build day in the L.A. area! This one, however, is different - we're going to help build a complex. Instead of one home for one family, we are going to work on four homes for four deserving families.

Here's their stories...

Maria, Ricardo, Krystal, Elih, Arianna & Julia

Maria and Ricardo Rendon have recently gotten married and cannot wait to start their new lives with their children in a safe home. They are currently living with Ricardo's parents, brother and Maria's two daughters.

Maria is currently working at a Catholic school in South Central L.A. With more than 15 years of teaching experience, she also has volunteered as a Sunday school teacher at her local church. Ricardo is a U.S. Navy Veteran and is currently working as a warehouse lead.

Krystal, age 17, is Maria's eldest daughter and would love to go to college to one day become a counselor. Julia, age 11, plays Little League Baseball and solves math problems for fun. Ricardo's son, Elih, is a football player at his high school at the young age of 15. His sister, Arianna, age 12, stays very active in the performing arts.

The Rendons are excited to grow closer as a family under one roof. "Partnering with Habitat for Humanity has given our children the opportunity to learn about hard work and having goals to work toward."

Alfonso, Neyra, Phixius, Gael & Juan

Alfonso Magaña and Neyra Sandoval are the parents of two little boys, Phixius, who is 7, and Gael, age 1. They are all currently living with Juan, Neyra's father, but hope to move into a home with more space and a safer environment. Their home is in an area with a lot of gang activity and they cannot let their boys play outside.

For eight years, Alfonso has been a supervisor at a manufacturing company  and volunteers with a local head start program. Neyra is a stay-at-home mom and also loves to volunteer. When she isn't cleaning the home and taking her oldest son to his self-defense and karate classes, she is volunteering in Phixius's classroom. Phixius is an active boy and loves his karate classes, but also loves to relax and read a good book.

This loving family wants to grow and thrive in a home where they can feel safe. This has been their motivation to complete their sweat equity hours. "Becoming a homeowner is a dream that I've always had. Reaching that goal will give my family a sense of stability and security."

Nikki, Leilani, Leika & Leia

Nikki Payton is a hard-working single mother of three beautiful girls. Currently, Nikki and her 3 daughters are living in one of the rooms of her mother and her mother's husband's two bedroom home. This living situation is over crowded and unhealthy for the girls, as they all have asthma.

Nikki works in Altadena as a licensed Vocational Nurse and specializes in helping children recover from severe emotional stress. When she isn't working or taking her daughters to soccer, dance and gymnastics, she spends her time as Vice-President of the PTA at her daughters' school. Her oldest daughters, Leilani, age 12, and Leika, age 10, consistently make the principal's high GPA list. Nikki's youngest daughter, Leia, who is 4, is a self-proclaimed princess.

Nikki has been a hard-worker her whole life and strives to be a role model for her daughters. "I am ready and willing to put in sweat equity hours. I would love to be able to say I helped build my own home."

Soledad, Olga, Rebeca & Amanda

Soledad Ramirez has two daughters and takes pride in the fact that her family is very close-knit. Unfortunately, living space is limited and Soledad's mother, Olga, and eldest daughter, Rebeca, who is 23, must live without Soledad at an aunt's house. Soledad is currently residing with her sister and her family. She believes a new home will bring her family back together.

Soledad has offered her services to others for over 20 years. Initially she was a teacher, but is now a Health and Disabilities Specialist. Her daughters, Rebeca and Amanda, age 19, are interested in pursuing careers where they, like their mother, can help others. Rebeca wants to become a social worker and Amanda wants to attend nursing school. They also love music, and play together any time they can. Rebeca is a fantastic guitar player and Amanda is a wonderful singer.

Soledad and her family are givers who love to volunteer, and are eager to work and complete their sweat equity hours to help make the dream of homeownership a reality. "I want my family reunited under one roof ... so that my mom and daughters can have a home and stability."

Want to help and give back to the community? Join our #GivebackBuild on August 21 in Lynwood, CA! Send your R.S.V.P to caroline@givebackhomes.com.