#GivebackBuild Recap: Lynwood, CA


Our #GivebackBuild day in Lynwood, CA marked our third build day with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles. We had beautiful weather as we unloaded a truck of windows for the homes. From there, we spent the morning digging a trench so that a gas line could be installed, which is an important step in the build process. After the Habitat staff showed us proper techniques and safety guidelines, we picked up our axes and started digging.


Our team was pleasantly surprised at how difficult it was to dig a trench. The trench needed to be 16 inches deep and stretch along the full length of the house, which felt like a football field to us. We sweated and got blisters, but we got the job done. There was no better feeling than hearing Ken, our site manager, tell us we had completed the job. "From digging trenches, unloading new windows and hammering, what a way to make a difference in a family's life and be a part of their home building experience," said Brittny Burford of Hermosa Beach, CA.


After lunch, it was "hammer time!" We each grabbed a hammer and a box of nails and then climbed the scaffolding to get to the second level of the homes. Luckily, we had the Habitat staff on hand to help fix any crooked nails, as it was much more difficult to hammer than we anticipated. Overall, it was a successful build day, and our team was proud of what we accomplished.


"This was my third build day with Giveback Homes, and as usual, it didn't disappoint," said Sean Dinneen of Manhattan Beach, CA. "A lot of hard work and sweat goes into these build days. Knowing that the homes we help build will go to families that are less fortunate keeps me coming back every time." "Each time has been a unique experience," added Kevin Katerndahl of San Francisco, CA. "It's a refreshing opportunity to see all of the donation money come to fruition. I was particularly moved when hearing about one of the families that would be moving in that is currently in unsafe living conditions."


Giveback Homes is thankful to all who came out and helped. We are truly changing people's lives! If you'd like to learn more about how you can make a difference or sign up, visit our website here. Already a member? Please consider donating today to help change lives for other deserving families. Stay tuned for more #GivebackBuild days in Los Angeles!