Corina Funds a Home for the Canales Family


January 26th 2015, 

The Canales family home is complete! All thanks to Corina Angeles Galen and her clients… For every home she sells, she helps build a home for a family in need. 






December, 16th 2014 

The Giveback Homes team had the chance to meet Cenia and her entire family during our last build trip to Nicaragua. We stoppped by and were pleased to see their home was almost complete! There was a mason there working on their windows and floor, and Cenia and Ernesto could not stop smiling.

Cenia told us, "Now that we have a home, my dreams are even bigger, Ernesto and I are going to save more money so we can continue to build onto this home. My hopes are to give my children a room, and a porch to safely play on."

As a security guard Ernesto always has keys on him, but now for the first time in his life, he has a set of keys to his own home. Cenia will be graduating from high school next week and the family plans to celebrate in their new home. 


Giveback Homes is proud to announce that another home has been funded in Nicaragua for the Canales Family. This home was funded by Corina Angeles Galen. Corina has been a licensed agent since 2007 and has sold over 100 homes during the last 4 years. Now as a member of Giveback Homes, she's able to make that dream a reality for those less fortunate as well. 
"It was important to me to help a family like Cenia's and Jose's. My mother's family came from a similar situation. Their lives changed because, like Cenia, my grandmother emphasized education, an entrepreneurial spirit, and raising her children in a safe and secure home. My life was vastly improved as a result of my grandmother's vision. I'm grateful to be able to help another woman like my grandmother realize the dreams for her children. One day, I hope they'll do the same for another family as well." - Corina Angeles Galen 
Cenia Galeano (32 years old) and her husband Jose (55 years old) have been together for 17 years. Cenia is one of the few women in her neighborhood who completed her high school education, and she is currently going to an upper-level institution for a technical career. Together, they have four children, Cesar (15 years old), Vanebar (13), Wilden (11 years old), and Celin (4 years old). Cenia supports her family by selling plantains and beauty products, while her husband Jose has worked as a security guard for 18 years.






They have a monthly household income of $185. Their current home is made of old wood, dirt floor and an old rusty roof. It has 2 bedrooms but no windows.











Cenia and Ernesto luckily have access to water and electricity, however, during the rainy season their home gets completely flooded since water pours through large holes in the roof.

Canales Family Current Home









A new home will provide a healthier, happier life for Cenia, Ernesto and their children. Construction will begin this week. We can't thank Corina and her clients enough for making this possible. Homes Change Lives!

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