Nick Schneider - Our first official Giveback Homes Realtor

nickfbpic With our launch, we wanted to pay tribute to Nick Schneider, our first official Giveback Homes Realtor! The enthusiasm that we get from Nick is a big part of why we started Giveback Homes and his commitment to changing the lives of families in need has inspired so many to follow in his footsteps.

Blake and his wife Tricia met Nick in 2011 when they were shopping for their new home. It was then Blake asked Nick what he plans on doing with the commission he earned, and although Nick had consistently donated to his local schools and charities, he was unaware of the impact his donations were actually making. At this point, Blake and been trying to develop a way to build homes for families in Nicaragua, and when he asked Nick if he'd be interested in donating a small percentage of each of his commissions if he know his contribution would directly impact families in need, and Nick said, "I'm all in." We had the honor of having Nick join us on our most recent trip to Nicaragua where he declared that he would never view his real estate career the same again. We could spend all day bragging about Nick, but would rather you hear it directly from him. click here to listen. To date Nick has already donated five homes for families in Nicaragua. Thank you Nick for all you've done, we can't wait to report on all the lives you will change.