Alex, Matt & Debbie Fund a Home for Gladys Rodriguez


May 7th 2017 

We asked Gladys and her grandsons Erik (3 years old) and Maynor (10 years old) what they loved most about their home. They said,  "we love that we can all sleep safely."

Gladys is working hard to be able to save to add on extra rooms and even showed us where she plans on building it. 



March 19th 2015 

Gladys and her Grandson Maynor send their thanks to Giveback Homes Members, Alex Abad and Matt and Debbie Goeglein 



March 13th 2015 

Windows and doors are installed! And a home for Gladys is officially complete! Thanks to Giveback Homes Members, Alex Abad and Matt and Debbie Goeglein for changing lives in Nicaragua! 













February 18th 2015 

More smiles to report! Gladys and her son Norlan and grandson Maynor are all smiles now that their home is almost complete! Maynor is seven years old, and bout to start 2nd grade. He told us that the best part about his new house is that now he can invite all of his friends from school over to play! He also showed off a photo collage of all his friends and family. The best! All that is left for this home are windows and doors to be installed. 
Thank you to Alex & Matt, and their clients for making this possible. Homes Change Lives!














January 31st 2015

Construction on the Home for Gladys is almost complete! Gladys and her son have been working hard along with volunteers to build walls, move dirt, and construct what will soon be their new home. This was all made possible by Giveback Homes Members Alex Abad and Matt and Debbie Goeglein

Read their story below! 















December 12th, 2014

Our members here at Giveback Homes are pretty awesome and we're proud to announce that another home has been funded in Nicaragua. This time, for Gladys Rodriguez and her family. This home was funded by Alex Abad and Matt and Debbie Goeglein. Alex is a realtor who has had the privileage of being a resident of the Southbay for 46 years and a successful entrepreneur and business owner for 27 years. Alex believes to whom much is given, much is required. For this reason he takes great pleasure in giving back to the local community and to those who are less fortunate around the world. 

Matt and Debbie are Title Officers located in El Segundo, CA and got involved with Giveback Homes through Alex to help giveback to those in need around the world. They are excited to completely fund a home for Gladys and her family so they can have the opportunity to have a better and healthier life. 

Meet Gladys Rodriguez, she is a 48-year-old, female entrepreneur. For 17 years she has supported her family by selling green corn and corn flakes. She is the mother of 5 children, but only one of them, Norlan, still lives with her. Norlan is 25 years old, and is a trained shoemaker, although currently he is unemployed. Gladys’ daughter was diagnosed with psychosis and epilepsy, so Gladys is also the main caretaker for her 7- year-old grandson, Maynor.  


Gladys has lived in her current home for 34 years. It is a structure made of old wood, rusty zinc walls, dirt floors, and a roof with holes that lets water and dirt overwhelm the space they live in. The structure only has one room where all the family members sleep together. A new home for Gladys means a healthier, happier life for herself and her family. She will also be able to grow her business and provide a better future for her family. Construction on Glady's new home will begin in January. 


We can't thank Alex, Matt, Debbie and their clients enough for their generosity to make this possible. Homes change lives!

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