Dallas Build Day by Kalon McMahon

A man much wiser than myself once said “you haven’t really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” Last week I had the opportunity to join forces with Habitat for Humanity and some of our amazing members to help build a home for a truly deserving family. To make the journey even more nostalgic, we were building in Dallas, TX… A special city where I spent 5 years attending SMU. 


Far from a construction pro, I was excited and inspired to put my own thumbprint on the growing  landscape of this amazing town and help build a home that will last a family generations to come. Nothing can prepare you for how elementary and juvenile you feel when someone puts a power saw in your hand and says “Ok, lets cut some windows!” We take for granted how quick and seamless the homes we see being built everyday on the way to work come together.

Kalon working

Just a few days before Christmas, our members braved the cold and mud to put in some genuinely back breaking work to help build a home for a stranger that otherwise may never experience the safety and comfort of a home fit for a family. Fueled by coffee, doughnuts, and laughter we spent the day together doing something we would have never broken out of our comfort zones to do if it wasn’t for Giveback Homes and Habitat for Humanity. I was humbled, thankful and genuinely appreciative for all the gifts this holiday season offered.  A wonderful perspective to approach the New Year with. I left the build day excited knowing that this time next year a family would be sitting in the very living room we just helped frame, enjoying their first Christmas in their new home.  - Kalon McMahon