There is no greater gift than when you offer your hand to help another human

David Morris traveled to Nicaragua with Giveback Homes this December to help build a home for Elba. Here's what he thought of the trip... 


Giveback Homes and Habitat for Humanity, Nicaragua offered my team and I an opportunity to experience something that left a heartfelt impression that we’ll never forget and forever be grateful for.  There is no greater gift than when you offer your hand to help another human.  


In December, we went to Nicaragua with Giveback Homes and Habitat for Humanity and were presented with the chance to make a difference in the life of one young woman, Elba, and her three children.   We not only assisted with the funding of the building materials but I traveled well out of my comfort zone to a country I had ever imagined traveling to.


Nicaragua is not a country of great riches but its people were incredibly warm, inviting, inspiring, and generous; but it was seeing so many young children who tugged at my heart strings. The landscape was breathtaking everywhere you looked…pictures paled in comparison to what stood before me.  Wherever you looked, everyone was busy…selling or making something to sell, providing some sort of service…doing whatever could be done to earn a living and whatever the task was, it was done with pride and a smile.  


Once the work gloves were put on at the build site, I worked hard and long hours: lifting hundreds of cinder blocks, mixing several hundred pounds of cement and mortar by hand, fastening and tying rebar together to create four walls, a door and two windows. They call these structures “core homes”, in which a family and community learns how to build and are able to later add-on to their core homes to accommodate their growing families. Elba worked very hard for years to make payments so she could purchase the land for her core home.  This young, single mother’s dream was to provide a secure and safe home for her children.  It was an incredible and humbling blessing to be a part in making this dream come true. 


I am grateful to Giveback Homes and Habitat for Humanity.  This was a memorable opportunity in which: I stepped out of my comfort zone to experience such a beautiful country, and its gracious people left a deep impression on my heart; and, I can’t help smiling, knowing that my efforts will somehow have a small ripple effect on this family’s future generations so far away. 

It’s these ripple effects that I love so much about being a realtor.

Best Regards 

David Morris, Las Vegas, NV