A New Home for Yahaira & Her Family!

May 10th 2015 


Yahaira and her family are safe and sound in their new home! So grateful to our Members for making this possible! Homes change lives! 














April 30th 2015 


Walls are going up! And Yahaira's kids couldn't be happier! 















April 14th, 2015 



We are thrilled to announce that thanks to all of our Members contributions, we have officially funded a home for Yahaira and her family!

We're thankful to all of our Members clients for choosing to work with a social good Realtor, turning each closed transaction into an opportunity to help those less fortunate. 

Contributing Members on this Home: 

Cristina Lopez & Joe Brady

Olson & Hill 

Christiano Sampaio

Mark Leddy

Omar Awadallah

Brittny Burford

Victoria Guasco

Stay tuned for construction updates and photos! Homes change lives! 



January 22nd, 2015


It's a new year and we're off to a great start helping to build homes for families in need. We are excited to announce that anytine Giveback Homes Members make a contribution to our Building Project in Nicaragua, they will help build a home for Yahaira and her family.

Meet Yahaira Flores! She is a 31-year-old, female entrepreneur, married to Ismael, who is also 31 years old. They have been together for eight years and have two kids, Ismary Liseth (8 years old) and Yahir Ismael (5 years old).  











Yahaira and her family used to live with her mother-in-law, where they shared a small home with 15 people. But in April of last year, their house burned down due to a short circuit, leaving them all homeless. Luckily, they were able to move in with her brother, but they live in overcrowded conditions, sharing a home with nine people. The government promised to rebuild their home, but they have not received an answer so far. Yahaira rides her bike everyday to volunteer at the fire brigade, and Ismael is a jeweler, making about $150/month. Yahaira helps him sell jewelery and also sells chocobananas and various other snacks with her sister-in-law. They were even in the process of making a new batch during our visit to meet her, they were delicious! 











Soon, with the contributions from Giveback Homes Members,Yahaira and her family will have a new home, built on land that was given to her by her mother. The entire town is very excited for their family to receive a home, because they all know that their house burned down and it's been difficult. We are also excited to be a part of building a new home for Yahaira and her family.


To help us build a new home for Yahaira and her family. Donate to the Nicaragua Project on our current projects page. http://givebackhomes.com/builds Not a member of Giveback Homes? Join us today and sign up here!

Follow the progress on this home here and on social media  #AHomeForYahaira 

- The Giveback Homes Team