Nicaragua Build Trip May 2015

The Giveback Homes Build Trips are always an incredible experience, and we're thrilled that our Members can join us to see our building efforts in action! On May 5th the Giveback Homes team will be traveling to Nicaragua to build a home for Josefa and her family. 

Josefa is a 68 year old woman known for her contagious smile & kind heart

Josefa has worked as  a maid her entire life, and during the harvesting  season she would also  work in a sugar mill to support her family. Now  that she is too old for  physical labor, she spends her days taking care  of her granddaughter  and receives $55/month in retirement pension.


Josefa currently lives with her three sons, two daughters and one  granddaughter. The structure is made of old wood and metal scraps,  and it’s unsafe for them to continue living there. 

Juan, her oldest son,  used to work at the sugar mill, but is no longer  able to, due to health  issues. Her other sons, Pablo, 46, works as a  tuk-tuk driver, and  Debin, 26 is a gardener, and together they earn  approximately  $75/month. Her daughters are unemployed but hope  that with a new  home, they can start a small business selling foods  and juices. A new  home for Josefa and her family will mean a  healthier, happier life for  generations. 

This is a rendering of the new home we will be building for Josefa! We can't wait! Click here to make a contributon to help make the dream of a safe home a reality for another family like Josefa's: